Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tarrant County Citizens Ignored...Again

The Tarrant Regional Water District and the Trinity River Vision "Authority" are at it again.  WHO do these people work for?  It's obvious they don't work FOR THE PEOPLE.  And WHY was the Tarrant Regional Water District created?  FLOOD control and water supply.  Do YOU believe the Trinity River Vision is flood control?  No one else does either.  Removing the levees sound like a good flood control plan to YOU, Arlington?

Recently the Tarrant Regional Water District gave themselves a raise.  Now they have decided they own part of the land in the Riverside Park "deal" and they don't care what the residents want or say.  They don't own all of that land.  ASK them.

Then ask YOUR Congresswoman WHY her son is ignoring her constituents?  ASK WHY she is.  ASK YOUR "leaders" why the Tarrant Regional Water District would carry on with their plans if opposed by the City and THE PEOPLE.  Then ASK the media WHY they don't report any of it.  Also ASK WHAT the Trinity River Vision "Authority" or the Tarrant Regional Water District has to do with streetcars.

Read about the latest scheme in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Don't miss the comments from THE PEOPLE.

Ending two years of wrangling with neighborhood residents, Tarrant Regional Water District officials say they plan to use Riverside Park for floodwater storage even if the city of Fort Worth opposes the idea.

Putting the floodwaters there is part of developing the sweeping. $909 million Trinity River Vision project that stretches from downtown's near north side to Gateway Park on the city's east side.

The announcement, made at Wednesday's Trinity River Vision Authority board meeting, effectively ends a contentious two-year process that has been criticized by neighborhood groups that have opposed shifting floodwaters to the park.

J.D Granger, executive director of the authority, and Jim Oliver, general manager of the water district, said they learned during a recent title search that they already owned some of the land and had the rights for flood easements and didn't need city approval. The authority, a flood control and economic development agency, is a political subdivision of the water district "If I had known, we wouldn't have been going through this process the last two years," Granger said.

At Tuesday's meeting, Granger said city officials can determine what recreational enhancements they want added to the park but said that location will be used for flood storage.

Libby Willis, president of the Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods, said her group has known for several years that the water district already had the authority.

"This has been the plan all along," Willis said. "I think they're tired of diddling around. They've decided it's time to quit playing around and the citizens' opinion evidently doesn't matter."

Willis expressed frustration that the city has had rounds of public meetings and promised that flood storage wouldn't be placed in Riverside Park if the public opposed it.

Floodwaters will be diverted by a bypass channel away from downtown Fort Worth, allowing the levees to come down and development along the Trinity River on the near north side.

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