Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why isn't the Star-Telegram Covering the Tarrant Regional Watergate District Scandal?

Durango wonders if the TRWD election fraud Watergate type cover up scandal is starting to unravel---

Is The TRWD-Gate Scandal About To Blow Wide Open?

Could we possibly get the Washington Post to cover Tarrant County and send in Bernstein and Woodward to investigate Tarrant County Electoral Fraud?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Attorney General’s Office Investigating Voter Fraud in Tarrant County

It’s about damn time.

Phillips admitted that his office, which is charged with election oversight, had noticed abnormalities related to mail-in ballots but decided not to take action, since no formal complaint had been filed.

Phillips also admitted they were aware of at least one individual who has assisted an untold number of voters in completing ballot by mail applications. The very same process that he previously admitted is the most likely place for voter fraud to occur.

AG Investigating Voting Abnormalities in Tarrant County Elections

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Don't let the door hit ya...

Remember when they owned everything here? Even Santa?

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye.

Chesapeake Energy exits the Barnett Shale with a whimper

Pissed off about taxes? Be heard tonight!

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court - led by County Judge Glen Whitley - is proposing a combined 8.2% property tax increase for Tarrant County and JPS Hospital. Commissioner Andy Nguyen has questioned the need to raise property taxes on existing residents, but citizen input has been minimal.

Tonight, the county is hosting a public townhall in Arlington to get your feedback.

Aside from the required public hearings, this will be the only townhall for you to make your voice heard!

Citizen Townhall
When: Thursday, August 11th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Where: Sub-Courthouse (1st Floor Conference Room)
Address: 700 E. Abram Street, Arlington, Texas 76010

Rising appraisals across Tarrant County’s existing tax base mean county officials must lower tax rates enough to prevent an overall tax increase. Tarrant County Tax Assessor Ron Wright has explained this dynamic in public statements.

To prevent a tax increase for the average taxpayer, the county must adopt the “effective” tax rate (or lower) for both the county and JPS hospital, which it also oversees. Below are the effective rates.

Tarrant County
Current Rate: $0.264
Proposed Rate: $0.254 (will result in 2.2% tax increase on existing tax base, excluding new properties)
Effective Rate: $0.248466

Tarrant County Hospital District / JPS  
Current Rate: $0.227897
Proposed Rate: $0.227897 (will result in 6% tax increase on existing tax base, excluding new properties)
Effective Rate: $0.214995

Don’t be misled by common property tax myths.

Adopting the effective tax rate will not result in budget cuts, service reductions, or layoffs. Nor will it hurt the ability of either government to repay debt. Debt is repaid with separate funds.

Remember - even with lower tax rates - both entities with still collect more tax revenue than last year, due to new taxpayers added to the tax rolls caused by population growth and new economic development.

“Growth” is not an excuse to raise tax burdens on the existing base, simply because the property of long-time residents and businesses rose in value.

We invite you to share this important message with your family and friends in Tarrant County! And thanks for all you do to limit government and advance liberty in Texas!

Nice try Star Telegram

Some might think you are as dirty as the river....

Monday, August 8, 2016

Is Arlington the new Fort Worth?

Seems not everyone was invited to the event today, even though the flier doesn't say that.  Dozens of people complaining they are blocked from the Facebook and several videos online today from people who were not allowed in.

We hear some of those will be on Channel 8 tonight. You Arlington peeps might want to pay attention, in case you're ever banned from an event because you have a different opinion on how your money is spent.

On the newscast at 10, you'll learn that a local activist has filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission (yes, it does exist, and no, it doesn't much help) concerning this 'Keep the Rangers' group nonsense (think Trinity River Vision 'Panther Island' BS)    Seems the Rangers are here one way or another for 8 years, so what exactly does 'Keep the Rangers' mean? If it means keep the Rangers in a paid for stadium everybody loves, sign us up.

The other complaint to the TEC concerns this PAC -political action committee, Keep the Rangers, claiming taxes won't increase. If you buy that, we got a nasty river upstream to sell you.

They want a billion for it too.

Keep the Rangers censors, threatens opposition; sics police on AV reporter

Thursday, August 4, 2016

That ain't all they are going to flood...

The Fox 4 "news" story on Fort Worth's biggest boondoggle is too good to pass up.

Development phase begins for new Fort Worth entertainment district

WHY does a project of this size and length (well over 10 years, with nothing to show) change its name?  When people only associate your name with bad things...

This line is priceless "To create the lake, developers will flood what people now know as the Panther Island Pavilion."

Of course FW council voted unanimously to approve, it's what they do with TRV.

And when they tell you WHO is paying for the Billion Dollar Boondoggle, you do know they mean you, right?? Pay attention, it's costing you a billion not to.

The entire project totals more than $900 million. The cost is split. Half of it will be paid for locally by the city, Tarrant County, the Tarrant Regional Water District and Public Subsidies. The other half will be paid federally by TXDOT and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We preferred Channel 8's take on it.  They showed an old TRV/Panther Island rendering and John McCaa said, "This is what the river could, COULD look like someday in Fort Worth".

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arlington makes us laugh

Snarky GoFundMe campaign has raised $5 of its $500 million goal for new Texas Rangers stadium.

From the MLB Texas Rangers Roof GoFundMe page (spelling left uncorrected)....

A citizen of Arlington, TX. Trying to raise money for the Texas Rangers' owners.  The money will build a new stadium with a ROOF because according to them it's become TOO hot to play baseball in Texas.  Funds are needed by Novemeber 1, 2016. The citizens of Arlington would be very greatful if you would help pay for this.  We, the citizens, have been paying and additional 1/2 % sales tax for 22 years building stadiums for the Rangers and the Cowboys.  We are tired of footing the bill!  Our additional tax will be removed in a few years as long as we don't build yet ANOTHER stadium.  The citizens would then be able to save roughly $200 to $500 a year PER citizen (rough estimate) if we did not have to pay this additional tax which we have been paying for 22 years.  It's time for the citizens to get a break!

I, and most of my fellow citizens, would deeply appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Thank you for considering a donation!
Help spread the word!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back to school in Fort Worth

Where are all those folks who were wanting to keep our kids safe?