Monday, August 8, 2016

Is Arlington the new Fort Worth?

Seems not everyone was invited to the event today, even though the flier doesn't say that.  Dozens of people complaining they are blocked from the Facebook and several videos online today from people who were not allowed in.

We hear some of those will be on Channel 8 tonight. You Arlington peeps might want to pay attention, in case you're ever banned from an event because you have a different opinion on how your money is spent.

On the newscast at 10, you'll learn that a local activist has filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission (yes, it does exist, and no, it doesn't much help) concerning this 'Keep the Rangers' group nonsense (think Trinity River Vision 'Panther Island' BS)    Seems the Rangers are here one way or another for 8 years, so what exactly does 'Keep the Rangers' mean? If it means keep the Rangers in a paid for stadium everybody loves, sign us up.

The other complaint to the TEC concerns this PAC -political action committee, Keep the Rangers, claiming taxes won't increase. If you buy that, we got a nasty river upstream to sell you.

They want a billion for it too.

Keep the Rangers censors, threatens opposition; sics police on AV reporter

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