Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pissed off about taxes? Be heard tonight!

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court - led by County Judge Glen Whitley - is proposing a combined 8.2% property tax increase for Tarrant County and JPS Hospital. Commissioner Andy Nguyen has questioned the need to raise property taxes on existing residents, but citizen input has been minimal.

Tonight, the county is hosting a public townhall in Arlington to get your feedback.

Aside from the required public hearings, this will be the only townhall for you to make your voice heard!

Citizen Townhall
When: Thursday, August 11th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Where: Sub-Courthouse (1st Floor Conference Room)
Address: 700 E. Abram Street, Arlington, Texas 76010

Rising appraisals across Tarrant County’s existing tax base mean county officials must lower tax rates enough to prevent an overall tax increase. Tarrant County Tax Assessor Ron Wright has explained this dynamic in public statements.

To prevent a tax increase for the average taxpayer, the county must adopt the “effective” tax rate (or lower) for both the county and JPS hospital, which it also oversees. Below are the effective rates.

Tarrant County
Current Rate: $0.264
Proposed Rate: $0.254 (will result in 2.2% tax increase on existing tax base, excluding new properties)
Effective Rate: $0.248466

Tarrant County Hospital District / JPS  
Current Rate: $0.227897
Proposed Rate: $0.227897 (will result in 6% tax increase on existing tax base, excluding new properties)
Effective Rate: $0.214995

Don’t be misled by common property tax myths.

Adopting the effective tax rate will not result in budget cuts, service reductions, or layoffs. Nor will it hurt the ability of either government to repay debt. Debt is repaid with separate funds.

Remember - even with lower tax rates - both entities with still collect more tax revenue than last year, due to new taxpayers added to the tax rolls caused by population growth and new economic development.

“Growth” is not an excuse to raise tax burdens on the existing base, simply because the property of long-time residents and businesses rose in value.

We invite you to share this important message with your family and friends in Tarrant County! And thanks for all you do to limit government and advance liberty in Texas!

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