Friday, November 20, 2015

Bring Sandy Back!

An update on the latest in the Fort Worth Animal Services saga...

We were sent the following.  We can't help but wonder, where is Mayor Price??

"Doing the best we can with the resources we have?"  Really? So, this city sees it as ok to have a department run by Good Ol Boys that can practice gender discrimination at the management level on a daily basis and send them packing when they hit a nerve with their smarts, straight talk, caring, concern, ethics and observations?  Like as been allowed with the two female Cruelty Investigators and now the female Superintendent?  

Furthermore, out of all the licensed Veterinarians, they are ok with the Good Ol Boys choosing the one Vet with a criminal history a mile long, one that has more dings than any Veterinarian in Texas on his Vet record and one that has stapled a dog's nipples to her stomach which left the dog unable to walk after surgery?  

Also, we've got how many animal control officers driving around "talking" to people and not doing a darn thing in regards to holding Irresponsible Pet Owners accountable? 

No, we disagree -- We are not doing the best we can in this city regarding anything concerning animals, and that percentage of live releases is a bunch of bull! 

Bring Sandy Back.  Why did you allow the Good ol Boys to send her packing?  If we are doing the best we can, then the sweeping changes need to go much further up in city government than just Code Compliance Department.  

Bring Sandy Back!

Getting old...

Citizen's are getting tired of getting the shaft from developers who are buying their representatives.  Are YOU?

Food and water contamination. Flooding. Eminent domain.

Same ol' story.

Angry residents give developer earful about sewage dump, land grab

However, one resident of Comal County who owns a vineyard and a winery nearby testified that the state won’t allow such treated sewage to be used to water her grapes. So it’s clearly not safe to be consumed. Anyone near a golf course who waters their greens with treated sewage water will also be greeted with signs that say, ‘non-potable, do not drink.’ Yet a TCEQ ‘expert’ claimed the developers dumping of treated sewage into the dry Lewis Creek will actually ‘improve’ drinking water. The crowd erupted in laughter and disbelief. Local residents knew they were being lied to. Toilet to tap is not their idea of safe drinking water.

Many neighboring residents are also cattle ranchers whose cattle would be consuming the waste water and hence will enter the food supply. Since Lewis Creek is a dry creek bed that only flows during heavy rains, many residents expressed concern about the wastewater dumping creating continuously wet or boggy conditions on their property, which could attract mosquitoes, feral hogs, and other undesirable pests or wildlife.

Flood worries

With the reality of recent flooding in Bulverde on October 30, that overwhelmed the new Singing Hills drainage system as well as a breach in the Johnson Ranch sewage system that dumped raw sewage into the creeks contaminating drinking water and wells fresh in their minds, residents asked who would be held responsible for such breaches, how would residents be notified in time to not consume contaminated water, and who would pay to clean-up private wells affected by these high density subdivisions?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Only a few people showed up to support the Animal Control lady who is being run over by the Fort Worth Way.

Surprisingly, one of those people was Sal Espino.

We were shocked too.

Maybe there should be an online petition so the online warriors will actually participate.

Bring Sandy back.

The animals and Fort Worth needs her.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Flower Mound?!

The drama playing out in Flower Mound sounds more like some other North Texas cities we know.

Good luck to the boys and girls out there.  After clicking through this timeline and reading the article, sounds like you are going to need it.

Flower Mound council divisions have town on edge

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Please join AND invite Mayor Betsy

Incoming from No Kill Fort Worth -

Sandy Shelby, our new Shelter Manager, was doing great things, starting a foster program, starting round table transparent discussions with rescues, asking others how to improve things, bottle feeding kitten program, mini tent events, adoptions with reputable organizations, bringing people together -- all things that we wish for, in a Shelter Manager. 

She was suddenly sent on paid Administrative Leave -- a way to force one out without the ability to speak.  A way to hide unethical practices that the immediate bureaucrats above you don't want known outside of the shelter. 

It is our mission to get Sandy reinstated. Please join us on the sidewalk of City Hall, Tuesday night, November 10th at 5:30-7pm for our "Bring Back Sandy" rally. Bring candles, signs, animals, and your voice. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Trinity Sham

The Dallas Observer looks a toll road, mud puddle downstream from here.  Funny, it still sounds like they are talking about Fort Worth.


Going back to 1998 and before, a semi-invisible group of powerful people in Dallas whom we will call, for simplicity’s sake, “The Empire,” have been scheming and maneuvering to build an immense tolled expressway, which we shall call, “The Death Star,” slammed right up next to the banks of the Trinity River through downtown.

The editorial page of The Dallas Morning News carried all the water for The Empire on that. Their line was more or less that roads had been mentioned before the election and tolls had been mentioned and so anybody who didn’t foresee the whole project turning into a toll road project was more or less a fool.