Sunday, November 8, 2015

Please join AND invite Mayor Betsy

Incoming from No Kill Fort Worth -

Sandy Shelby, our new Shelter Manager, was doing great things, starting a foster program, starting round table transparent discussions with rescues, asking others how to improve things, bottle feeding kitten program, mini tent events, adoptions with reputable organizations, bringing people together -- all things that we wish for, in a Shelter Manager. 

She was suddenly sent on paid Administrative Leave -- a way to force one out without the ability to speak.  A way to hide unethical practices that the immediate bureaucrats above you don't want known outside of the shelter. 

It is our mission to get Sandy reinstated. Please join us on the sidewalk of City Hall, Tuesday night, November 10th at 5:30-7pm for our "Bring Back Sandy" rally. Bring candles, signs, animals, and your voice. 

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