Friday, November 20, 2015

Getting old...

Citizen's are getting tired of getting the shaft from developers who are buying their representatives.  Are YOU?

Food and water contamination. Flooding. Eminent domain.

Same ol' story.

Angry residents give developer earful about sewage dump, land grab

However, one resident of Comal County who owns a vineyard and a winery nearby testified that the state won’t allow such treated sewage to be used to water her grapes. So it’s clearly not safe to be consumed. Anyone near a golf course who waters their greens with treated sewage water will also be greeted with signs that say, ‘non-potable, do not drink.’ Yet a TCEQ ‘expert’ claimed the developers dumping of treated sewage into the dry Lewis Creek will actually ‘improve’ drinking water. The crowd erupted in laughter and disbelief. Local residents knew they were being lied to. Toilet to tap is not their idea of safe drinking water.

Many neighboring residents are also cattle ranchers whose cattle would be consuming the waste water and hence will enter the food supply. Since Lewis Creek is a dry creek bed that only flows during heavy rains, many residents expressed concern about the wastewater dumping creating continuously wet or boggy conditions on their property, which could attract mosquitoes, feral hogs, and other undesirable pests or wildlife.

Flood worries

With the reality of recent flooding in Bulverde on October 30, that overwhelmed the new Singing Hills drainage system as well as a breach in the Johnson Ranch sewage system that dumped raw sewage into the creeks contaminating drinking water and wells fresh in their minds, residents asked who would be held responsible for such breaches, how would residents be notified in time to not consume contaminated water, and who would pay to clean-up private wells affected by these high density subdivisions?

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