Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All aboard!

Colleyville is on the train, y'all!

Remember way back in 2009 when we asked WHO is the COG?  And in 2011 the presentation showing what regional COG's do (siphon money from cities, therefore siphoning money from taxpayers) and WHO they report to (it ain't you).  Then in 2012 the Republican party chairs figured out COG's and Agenda 21 wasn't a joke?  What about this from 2013?

Well, now 150 more Colleyville people are in the know.

We hope it doesn't take a few more years to get everyone on board and off the Boondoggle train.  With Panther Island and TexRail, we can't afford to wait.

According to LNO, last night's inaugural Republican meeting went well.  Too bad all taxpayers aren't invited.  Here's to hoping someday the local's figure out that the only thing keeping them stuck in the COG cycle is the national plan to keep them fighting with each other across the aisles.

First Colleyville Republican Club Meeting Draws Large Crowd and A Couple of Loud Dissenters

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

You can't make this up.

We'll let Durango tell you...

The Boondoggle's propaganda wishes HAPPY BEERTHDAY to Panther Island Brewing, telling us this brewery has won an award, while sitting on Panther Island (where there is no island) with a fantastic view of the Downtown skyline, telling us to come grab a beer and check out Fort Worth's hottest brewery.

And people ask me why I call this type nonsense propaganda.....


Why I Wear the Bagde - Glen Bucy

Constable for Precinct 6.

Woodard says...

In this domain, boondoggle trumps politics

In the Republicans’ New Hampshire debate, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump engaged in a heated argument over eminent domain, the process by which the government seizes private property for public use or projects.

Bush accused Trump of trying to use eminent domain to take property of an elderly woman in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for one of his casinos in the 1990s. “And the simple fact is to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not public use,” Bush said.

According to an article in the Jan. 31 Star-Telegram, U.S. Rep. Kay Granger not only supports Jeb Bush, she chairs Jeb’s campaign in her congressional district. Is this the same Kay Granger who used eminent domain to seize the property of dozens of property owners for the Trinity River Vision boondoggle?

Jeb Bush rails against Donald Trump’s use of eminent domain for his Atlantic City casino. Kay Granger, his District 12 campaign chair, used eminent domain in spades – not against one person but against dozens for a boondoggle where some believe somebody just may have plans for a future Town Lake Casino.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Don Woodard
Fort Worth

Be heard.....

In response to the federal government's 31 member Science Advisory Board's recommendation of re-opening the investigation/study of water degradation by unconventional hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the EPA is taking TELEPHONE TESTIMONY ON MARCH 7 2016 starting at 11:30 am. This is the 3rd teleconference and the southwest has been under represented thus far.

Once the slots fill up it is too late to voice how drilling has affected YOU. Even if you cannot prove your claims, even if you have been affected in other ways (note drilling's air emissions contribute to acid rain falling into our drinking water aquifers)... .....the slots will be filled up with industry folks defending the unproven safe process if we do not act to sign up asap. They do not want our testimonies heard by the Science Advisory Board.

Do this today although the official deadline is 2/29/2016...please reach out to those who can testify. I will be speaking about the correlation of TTHMs going up in Arlington's drinking water since Urban drilling came in and how Ft Worth's has gone down since drilling in the Barnett shale went bust.

Please email to register a spot at and follow up with a phone call too at 202-564-2134 (phone/voice mail) to get your confirmation.

This 5 year long study needs those affected's input...just because most of us drink municipal water doesn't mean that the run off from these padsites hasn't affected our region's water. The UTAclear study of recent is very troubling as reported in the Huffington Post last month. The highlights are...
• Migration pathways from fractured wells to groundwater are poorly understood
• Geospatial modeling correlated groundwater chemicals to Barnett fractured wells
• Increased Beryllium strongly associated with hydraulically fractured gas wells
• Indirect evidence of pollutant migration via microannular fissures in well casing
• Large-scale and spatial approach needed to detect groundwater quality changes

Thank you and please forward this on as appropriate.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A note from Lon

Safety is my top priority. That’s what the Houston Chronicle said when it joined every other major daily newspaper in Texas in endorsing my campaign, and this is exactly what I will do.

With over 375,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines running through our state, and the sloppy track record of the Texas Railroad Commission to regulate the industry, I know the Commission must change and I am ready to meet the challenge head-on.

It is time for the Railroad Commission to do its job, and it is time for voters to send the message loud and clear.

Early Voting in the Democratic Primary ends in just a few days. Click here to find the early voting location near you.

Once the nomination is secured I will continue traveling the state talking to all Texans about the need for the Commission to focus on Safety and Protecting our Familees.

To secure the nomination - I need your vote and your support. I do not want to get stuck in a runoff election against an unqualified opponent running on a famous name, especially when we need to be focused on engaging, energizing and organizing to win in November.

If you have already gotten out to vote, thank you. And why not join so many of my supporters by sharing the news on Facebook?

If you haven't had the opportunity to vote, then I encourage you to please vote Lon Burnam for Texas Railroad Commission.

Thank you,

Lon Burnam

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

YOU are invited!

Mark your calendars!  Help Save OUR Stockyards.

Below you will see information on the Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission meeting.

There are 2 dates listed for upcoming meetings. Please come and show your support.

If you cannot attend, contact city council and show your support for the preservation of the Stockyards.

Stockyards stakeholders:

The Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission voted yesterday on the following Stockyards items:

  • Voted to recommend denial of the City Council nominated historic district, which is the blue boundary in attached Map 1.
  • Voted to recommend approval of the larger Landmarks Commission nominated historic district, which is the red boundary in attached Map 1.
  • Voted to recommend approval of all of the individual structure designations shown in Map 2.

 Next steps:

  • Wednesday, March 9, 1:00p - Zoning Commission holds public hearing and votes on both Stockyards historic district zoning cases and all individual designation zoning cases.
  • Tuesday, April 5, 7:00p - City Council holds public hearing and votes on all Stockyards zoning cases.

The ordinance for the Stockyards historic district will provide that applicant appeals of Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission decisions will be heard by the City Council, rather than the Board of Adjustment. This is the same appeals procedure that was included in the Stockyards design overlay district ordinance for appeals of Urban Design Commission decisions.

Save another billion!

Sign the petition to stop another unfunded boondoggle in Tarrant County

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tired of paying tolls?

Well, you are invited.

Show up.

Be heard.....

MPOs to hold meetings on transportation plans  

Every city with population of 50,000 or greater has a Metropolitan Planning Organization or MPO. To make things even more confusing in DFW, the MPO is called the Regional Transportation Council or RTC. These MPOs are required to produce your region's transportation plans (basically a project priority list) and to hold public meetings when they undergo a major update to the plans known as the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP - short-range 4 yr plan) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP - long-range 20 yr plan).

While hosting the public meetings is just a way for the agencies to check a box and not really engage the public or incorporate any meaningful public feedback, it's important to get opposition to tolls on the official record. Remember, silence is approval! Opposition on the official record can be very useful in killing toll projects or any other ill-conceived projects or priorities the community opposes (like rail).


Tuesday, Feb. 9 
6:30 pm
Richardson Civic Center
411 W. Arapaho Road      
Richardson, Texas 75080

Wednesday, Feb. 10      
2:30 pm
North Central Texas
Council of Governments
616 Six Flags Drive  
Arlington, Texas 76011

Monday, Feb. 15      
6:30 pm
Mary Lib Saleh
Euless Public Library
201 N. Ector Drive  
Euless, Texas 76039

After the Arlington meeting, a video recording will be online at

Submit comments to:

Need help voting?

Check out TURF's latest endorsements.

They are all over it.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let's play - Dallas or Fort Worth?

Which Trinity River boondoggle does the following describe?

Those from Fort Worth have an advantage here, they know their 'news'paper wouldn't cover this unless the were promoting Floating with Feces, uh we meant, Tubing the Trinity.

Be sure and read the whole article at Dallas Observer. It's so good we had a hard time narrowing the quotes.


Eric Nicholson’s reporting here in the Dallas Observer on City Hall’s Trinity Forest park-building efforts so far has established a hard and indisputable fact: The people who run the city at this point are from the wrong era, possibly even the wrong planet concerning contemporary nature-park development and management.

The SWWF is sort of funny — they built a fake rapids so screwed up it had to be closed the day it opened — but then it’s really not funny when you think what it tells us about the people in charge. And for once I guess I won’t lay it to their being bald or blind as bats. It’s a cultural thing.

But then they’ll die. They’re old. They’re Mr. Magoo, the bald, blind cartoon guy. They can’t go on forever. Sooner or later they walk into a door. That’s why it’s so valuable and so important now simply to slow them down, get in their way, stave them off.

They can do a tremendous amount of harm. Let’s say they get away with building an expressway on top of the river and turning the entire Trinity Forest into some kind of half-assed, badly neglected golf course. That wouldn’t merely spoil the resource itself. It might even spoil the city’s chances for good growth, good opportunity and the good life. The ultimate outcome could be dystopian.

But every day they get stymied, every single day that river still draws breath is another day closer to a better future for the river, for the city and for you and me. This is a moment when sheer obstructionism can be heroic. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

'Far' North Fort Worth

So you downtowners are safe. It's far away.

How far does it feel to our North Fort Worth friends?

'Re-routing the Trinity...'

Now where have we heard that before? Oh yes, Fort Worth.

But now, we're talking Dallas.

And we are wondering why no one still sees the difference.

Same game, different name.

Winters told the board the whitewater feature was intended to be an “early success” along the Trinity River, which the city keeps trying to tame. But A.C. Gonzalez, Dallas’ city manager, recently called the Wave project “a mistake.”

Park Board is ready to dynamite Dallas Wave whitewater feature out of the Trinity River