Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All aboard!

Colleyville is on the train, y'all!

Remember way back in 2009 when we asked WHO is the COG?  And in 2011 the presentation showing what regional COG's do (siphon money from cities, therefore siphoning money from taxpayers) and WHO they report to (it ain't you).  Then in 2012 the Republican party chairs figured out COG's and Agenda 21 wasn't a joke?  What about this from 2013?

Well, now 150 more Colleyville people are in the know.

We hope it doesn't take a few more years to get everyone on board and off the Boondoggle train.  With Panther Island and TexRail, we can't afford to wait.

According to LNO, last night's inaugural Republican meeting went well.  Too bad all taxpayers aren't invited.  Here's to hoping someday the local's figure out that the only thing keeping them stuck in the COG cycle is the national plan to keep them fighting with each other across the aisles.

First Colleyville Republican Club Meeting Draws Large Crowd and A Couple of Loud Dissenters

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