Friday, April 24, 2015

You are Invited

An invitation from the Fort Worth Business Press--

As a newspaper, we are trying to separate fact from fiction, both with our news coverage and by arranging a public forum featuring the water board candidates. The forum will be held at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 29, at the Central Library in downtown Fort Worth, 500 W. Third St. (corner of Third and Lamar, two blocks from the Tarrant County Courthouse).

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

See you Saturday at Prairie Fest on the Tandy HIlls

Prairie to the People!

This Saturday, April 25, the 10th Anniversary of Prairie Fest takes place on Fort Worth's Tandy Hills.

Exit I-30 at Beach Street or Oakland Boulevard and follow the signs pointing the way to the best celebration of the natural world in North Texas.

Music, exhibits, food, fun.

Details at Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Real people, real letters

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram printed letters from THE PEOPLE with a point.  Surprise!

The Tarrant Regional Water District has delivered its “annual report,” a slick, taxpayer-funded mailer supporting challenged incumbents. It contains not a word on Panther Island, which consumes most of the district’s attention and resources. 

It mentions incumbent Marty Leonard’s bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, and bestows on incumbent Jim Lane the unique title of “secretary pro tem.” 

The four status-quo members are nicely flowered. Mary Kelleher, the only director who has challenged the status quo, and who has led the charge to inject ethics and transparency into this organization, is listed simply as “director,” with no educational credentials. 

With a master’s in educational psychology and certificates in advanced graduate studies, she is likely the most highly educated board member. 

Three challengers – Keith Annis, Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner, are vying for Leonard’s and Lane’s seats. We must ensure new blood to clean up this corrupt cesspool. Study up, and vote!

— Mark Greene, Fort Worth

The TRWD owns Eagle Mountain Lake and is responsible for mitigating and removing hazards to navigation in the lake.

Current low water in the channel at Harbor One Marina has exposed a dozen tree stumps that will be a danger to boating when the water level rises and they are no longer visible. This is the perfect time to remove them. 

Their location is known and removal is relatively easy and inexpensive. The board and management of the TRWD have flatly refused to help the boating community with this problem.

TRWD says this removal would expose it to some unspecified liability. Can anyone imagine a lamer, more outlandish excuse? 

The ordinary taxpayer is not an unalloyed beneficiary of the TRWD, but all too often a victim. 

— William S. Wright, Fort Worth

The Water Board Stinks - Part 2

Insanity - Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Back in 2013 when there was a Tarrant Regional Water District election, one of the incumbents friends told you to "hold your nose and vote for them".

Seems that phrase is back in the "news" for the current incumbents, via a letter to the ST - I urge voters to hold their noses and vote for (incumbents), even though I think they've behaved foolishly.

So, their friends say they are doing a terrible job, they are spending money on things they shouldn't and they've behaved foolishly, but you should vote for them anyway.

Don't be stupid.  Don't be sheep.

Vote Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner on May 9th!  They don't smell at all!

Wait! Didn't THEY say that was a bad thing??

Mayor Betsy Price and other past their prime has been officials for years have been jumping up and down shouting and pointing fingers at those running for seats on the Tarrant Regional Water District board.

They try to use the straw man tactic that the evil Dallas Boogeyman wants YOUR water!  They say that's why he donates to elections.  It couldn't be because the evil TRWD is taking his private property, right?

And then lo and behold, a former mayor and Texas Congressman (whose district does NOT include Dallas) spends their time calling around Dallas begging for money.

If you haven't seen the incumbent's campaign finance report, you should take a look.  While they scream and yell that Dallas money is bad, they took money from 6 Dallas businessmen.  Say what??

Of course the Fort Worth Star-Telegram made no mention of this irony (ironic, isn't it?) and said Lane and Lenoard took money from business leaders in "Dallas-Fort Worth".  Thanks for the laugh, ST.

Remember that the next time they tell you Dallas is trying to take control of YOUR water.  While you're at it, request a copy of the IPL (Integrated Pipeline) report (produced in part by the TRWD) that shows the pipeline, which the TRWD is so focused on, takes water TO DALLAS.

You know, that place YOUR mayor joined in with to try and make water restrictions permanent.

Remember this little gem from the FW Weekly in 2012 -

Soon after, Fort Worth’s council discussed water restrictions at a pre-council meeting. They never made it to a vote. Same thing happened in Irving.

A spokesman for Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said there would be a public hearing during the summer. That never happened either.

Keep in mind what happens when nothing ever gets done.

Stop the insanity -

Vote Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner in May!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

What will YOUR mark be?

We recently received the sad news that our fellow blogger, The Whited Sepulchre, was ill and the prognosis grim. It's weighed heavy on our hearts as he isn't just a fellow blogger, he's a dear friend to Texas Lone Star. If you don't know him, you're missing out. Tarrant County is a better place because of him.

He shared his last blog post today, while we're hoping it's not truly his last, it is one everyone should read.

Hats off to you, sir. We are thankful for your friendship.

Till we meet again, don't be safe...

"So please don't ever, ever waste another minute of your wonderful life with "being safe"Take risks. Destroy your perrectly laid-out shop and put in a Specialty Department. (Hello Ray!!) Get involved in politics and put Mary Kelleher to work disrupting the most corrupt institution in Fort Worth  .Raise Hell.  Find some activists to associate with, and bang some pots and pans together in the street.  WIN the Fort Worth Gay Pride parade  and then wake up the nest morning to staff your booth at a gun rights show.  I promise you that if you ever get brain tumors everyone of of those beautiful people you meet will come see you in the hospital."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Water Boarding at its Best

We can't decide which we like more, Durango's take, the cartoon or the comment...

Craig Bickley Does Not Believe In The Dallas Bogeyman But He Does Know Who The Lawn Whisperer Is

Friday, April 10, 2015

FWLNA Meeting

Last night's Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods meeting was so interesting.  It's the first time we've seen all 5 TRWD candidates in one place, due to it being the first time we've seen the incumbents out among THE PEOPLE.  They are usually in hiding, or only attending expensive events on the West side of FW.

One incumbent seemed confused on some of the water board issues, one seemed condescending.  (We'll let you use the picture to pick WHO you think that was).  You'd think by spending 9 years each on the board, they'd have learned a thing or two.  Like for instance, being "cute" usually comes back to bite your butt.

For example, Lane asking the challenger's if they knew WHO the Lawn Whisperer was...Craig Bickley assured him, everyone knows who the Lawn Whisperer is, the incumbent's Campaign Consultant...

The challengers did great last night and we will be voting for Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner.  It's time to end the insanity at the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Yoohoo, District 2!

Fort Worth City Council finally has a good candidate!  Steve Thorton a financial planner AND a 28 year Fort Worth firefighter is ready to take his seat.

Someone who can bring financial planning to the district?  Who has actually held a job for the city IN the district?


Finally - Out with the old, in with the new in District 2!

Vote Steve Thorton on May 9th!!

Fort Worth City Council District 5

Here's your candidate, Bob Willoughby.  We don't know a lot about him, all we know is from the mailers we received, "YOUR" current council member sold to the highest bidder.

You gotta pay to play, it's the Fort Worth Way.  

Fix the Fort Worth Way in May!!

Vote May 9th!