Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let's play - Dallas or Fort Worth?

Which Trinity River boondoggle does the following describe?

Those from Fort Worth have an advantage here, they know their 'news'paper wouldn't cover this unless the were promoting Floating with Feces, uh we meant, Tubing the Trinity.

Be sure and read the whole article at Dallas Observer. It's so good we had a hard time narrowing the quotes.


Eric Nicholson’s reporting here in the Dallas Observer on City Hall’s Trinity Forest park-building efforts so far has established a hard and indisputable fact: The people who run the city at this point are from the wrong era, possibly even the wrong planet concerning contemporary nature-park development and management.

The SWWF is sort of funny — they built a fake rapids so screwed up it had to be closed the day it opened — but then it’s really not funny when you think what it tells us about the people in charge. And for once I guess I won’t lay it to their being bald or blind as bats. It’s a cultural thing.

But then they’ll die. They’re old. They’re Mr. Magoo, the bald, blind cartoon guy. They can’t go on forever. Sooner or later they walk into a door. That’s why it’s so valuable and so important now simply to slow them down, get in their way, stave them off.

They can do a tremendous amount of harm. Let’s say they get away with building an expressway on top of the river and turning the entire Trinity Forest into some kind of half-assed, badly neglected golf course. That wouldn’t merely spoil the resource itself. It might even spoil the city’s chances for good growth, good opportunity and the good life. The ultimate outcome could be dystopian.

But every day they get stymied, every single day that river still draws breath is another day closer to a better future for the river, for the city and for you and me. This is a moment when sheer obstructionism can be heroic. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

'Far' North Fort Worth

So you downtowners are safe. It's far away.

How far does it feel to our North Fort Worth friends?

'Re-routing the Trinity...'

Now where have we heard that before? Oh yes, Fort Worth.

But now, we're talking Dallas.

And we are wondering why no one still sees the difference.

Same game, different name.

Winters told the board the whitewater feature was intended to be an “early success” along the Trinity River, which the city keeps trying to tame. But A.C. Gonzalez, Dallas’ city manager, recently called the Wave project “a mistake.”

Park Board is ready to dynamite Dallas Wave whitewater feature out of the Trinity River

Friday, January 29, 2016

Which Tarrant County Boondoggle are you talking about?

There was also an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week by State Representative        Konni Burton.

The FWST "Highlights" were as follows:
  • Most people are not aware of the cost
  • About $468 million of total is not yet funded
  • Public vote should have been required
Now those of you long time readers are probably thinking this is concerning the Trinity River Vision, or Panther Island, or whatever they are calling that Boondoggle this week, when what this article is actually talking about is Tex-Rail.

How many Boondoggles can one county have?  Well, how much time you got?

It boggles our mind the people of Tarrant County keep falling for these taxpayer schemes and funding them. Some would say, you didn't get a vote.

Well, in a way you do.

Every time you vote for one of these crony incumbents; on the city council, mayor, commissioner, water district, you are voting your money away.  Your kids would like you to stop.  Some day the bills are going to come due.  Somebody will have to pay.

A quote from the piece on Tex Rail, that should make you question their sanity, as well as yours -

"Local officials are aggressively pushing forward despite not having secured complete funding for the project"

Party Politics

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had an editorial yesterday...

We're not posting it here for a couple reasons. One reason being because they probably wouldn't give you access to it without paying and the other reason, well, it wasn't that great an editorial, but the article did have a point.

The editorial questioned the role of party politics in races that are supposed to be non-partisan.  Pretty much saying there's no such thing anymore.  So that leaves you on the other side of the aisle (right or left) wondering if those who are elected to represent you, represent you at all?

Apparently Mayor Price has been picked to head some conservative group somewhere.  This comes as a real shocker to those who know Betsy to be a Democrat.

Some question why Betsy made a split second appearance at a large Republican shindig last January.  Guess they have their answer now.  Well, that and she follows in Kay's footsteps.  (Watch your step, this is Texas after all).

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Please Mark your Calendars for Tandy Hills Brush Bash

The weather forecast is excellent for getting some serious work done.
Thanks a mil!

In the beginning, wildfire and wildlife maintained the Tandy Hills prairie keeping it free of woody growth. The grasses and wildflowers flourished without the hand of Man or Woman. But those glory days are over, so…

...Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area hosts a Brush Bash one day a year to clear sections of the prairie of invasive and unwanted trees, brush and trash. On some years we re-work previously cleared areas. Your help REALLY makes a difference! Manly Men and Wild Women welcome.

WHO: Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area

WHAT: 8th Annual Brush Bash

WHEN: Saturday, January 30, 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: Tandy Hills Natural Area 3400 View Street Fort Worth, TX 76103

BRING: gloves, sturdy shoes, hat, water, lunch, tarps, loppers, wheelbarrows and wagons.

Coffee, tea & morning snacks provided.

More info

Friday, January 22, 2016

No drinking water for Dallas

That’s the latest insanity coming from the Corp this week.  There were two meetings of note held this week…you HAVE to read this to believe it.  Though to some of you in the know, it’s just another day in Congress.

Here’s a note from someone at the COG meeting –

One of the council members spoke of the Lake Lewisville Dam / sink/ slide due to 16 inches of rainfall, “some reporter wrote shock & awe”…Corps of engineers had to do damage control to correct initial report of imminent danger. However the attention it garnered gave the political push that just may quickened the time frame to make the dam safer & extend its life.

In addition to the COG meeting, there was a closed door meeting at City Hall in Dallas, where there were threats, big ones.  You can read it all in the Dallas Observer.  Though some of the highlights are so good, we’re saving them here for future reference.  Heads up, Fort Worth…


City attorneys told the council in an emergency executive session Wednesday that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was only hours away from shutting down almost the entire drinking water system for Dallas if the council didn't immediately cough up $3 to $5 million to fix or (better idea) demolish the stupid white water feature. Some on the council didn't believe the lawyers, so thank goodness they balked at signing the check.

All of a sudden — bang! out of nowhere! — the lawyers lock the council up where the taxpayers can’t see them, shove a letter from the Corps in their faces and tell them if the council doesn’t agree to spend millions more on this already atrociously over-budget fiasco by 5 p.m. that day, the Corps is threatening to yank federal permits that could effectively shut down the city’s water supply.

Apparently the socialites glimpsed a man-made whitewater park over the rims of their martini glasses while semi-reclined on a canopied deck somewhere in Colorado and decided they wanted to bring one home. But they thought it would be better for the taxpayers to pay for it, because … money.  (Psst – you, listening FW?)

The original estimate given to the City Council more than five years ago was $1.5 million.  When construction on the fake rapids was finished, the cost was more than $5 millio

Oh, they didn’t issue a permit, they told me. They said it fell within something called a “nationwide permit 42 for recreational facilities.” It was permissible without a specific permit, they said. All it needed was a “letter of permission” from the Corps, which they granted without any environmental study.

But all of a sudden the Corps is desperately serious about making something happen. And it’s weird. The Corps, a gigantic public construction company run by the Congress, never acts this way with client cities. It kisses cities’ butts so it can get more work and not make local congressmen mad. The Corps’ emphatic behavior here this week was way outside their profile.

The big permits that  the Corps does hold over the city’s head, called 404 permits, could theoretically be construed to govern virtually the entire water supply of the city. And that’s the type of saber they are rattling. They don’t have a pea-shooter to aim at the white water feature alone, so they are bringing out bigger guns by threatening to yank the 404 permits, or so the lawyers told the council last Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What happens when the Corps rubber stamps something?


Someone tell TRWD. And tell Dallas not to worry about it.  Fort Worth will get rid of it when they flood Dallas.

“I thought it was outrageous,” said council member Scott Griggs. “This is typical with the way many Trinity projects operate: They’re boondoggles, then the city staff and attorneys come to us with a gun to our heads and say, ‘You have to make a decision without all the facts.’”

Dallas tells corps it will repair or remove Dallas Wave in Trinity River and sue its designer

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Keller –

It’s your turn.

Apparently there are enough folks in Keller concerned about conflicts of interest that they have decided to recall their mayor.

If you live in Keller, you might want to pay attention.  You get to vote in on the recall in May.

Keller moves closer toward recall election of mayor

Friday, January 8, 2016

Goodbye Stockyards…

Yes, they’ve told you they are going to protect them.  It’s not the first time a politician has told you something to make a buck.

Read about it in the FWW and then ask Betsy, WTH?!

Get your Stockyards fix in before it’s another strip mall identical to all the rest.

Putting Stock in Preservation

Thought the Stockyards was already “historic”? Think again. A large swath of it –– Exchange Avenue east and west of Main Street and north to Stockyards Boulevard –– is unprotected. It has been for decades.

Last month, city officials approved 23 of 24 demolition permits requested by Majestic.