Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WHO in their right mind

Would support (push) SB 875

Read about it on TXSharon.  WHO elected this gashole?

If you keep electing people like Bonnen, then you should at least pay attention to the ways these people misuse their office and stop pretending that you are the party of personal property rights.

The Denton Record Chronicle quotes attorney Kirk Claunch on his opinion of the amendment:

“I can’t think of any piece of legislation that’s more un-American than one that deprives a private property owner of the right to defend themselves against abuses from a big oil company or anybody else,” Claunch said. “This is law that essentially says we are going to let the oil and gas industry do whatever it needs and to run over anybody that gets in its way without any consequence.”

Rights, what rights?  This is the new Texas...unfortunately headed the Fort Worth Way...

Doesn't add up...

Some good Letters to the Editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  We wonder how much they were edited? 

Seems people have the same question we've been hearing since news broke Betsy Price was running for Mayor...WHO pays??

A tax assessor makes more than a hundred grand a year. The Fort Worth mayor's position pays about $30,000. Why would a person leave a well-paying public position for one that doesn't even pay one-fourth as much? Maybe there's some outside lobbying going on. I think we'll be the ones paying for it down the line. I just don't trust a person who has made that much money on the taxpayers' dime for so many years to suddenly take a huge cut in pay, all for "the good of the people."

I am voting for Jim Lane in this runoff. He's given a lot to this city without the large salary. He's the clear choice for Fort Worth.

-- Don Beims, Fort Worth
The next letter made us laugh.  Beholden to the taxpayers?  Which ones?  The Grangers? Cheseapeake? The Kelly's?   Where do they find these people?  City Hall?
Betsy is beholden only to taxpayers, not to special interests inside or outside city government.
And they'll be laughing, all the way to the bank...

You go, girl!

Wendy Davis has never been known to back down or be quiet.  And while we don't always agree with her, we do say - more power to her!  We couldn't be prouder she's from Texas.  We need more like her.  Those that aren't afraid to stand up to the good ol' boys and their threats, in order to protect the citizens and their children.

Maybe the good ol' boys can learn some manners from Ms. Davis while in special session. 

Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  We'll skip commenting on the classless responses of the Texas Governor.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

Thank you, to all who have served America and her people. 

Texas Lone Star salutes you all, past and present.  YOU are not forgotten.

Friday, May 27, 2011

YOU are invited!

Come see the new Paradise Center

Kudos to the Paradise crew and friends!  Carry on!!

Say it ain't so...

Rick Perry has said repeatedly he wasn't running for President.  Like Kay Bailey Hutchison, seems he is changing his tune.  He says, he "is going to think about it.  He thinks about a lot of things". 

It's the Fort Worth, uh, Texas way.  We need a new way in a bad way. 

Read about it on CBSDFW.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Kathleen Hicks, Fort Worth City Council woman sporting a JUDGE license plate on her Porsche.  Yes, we said Porsche.  And no, we don't know how a council woman in Fort Worth affords one.

Her supporters talk about what she has done in the district, like getting fancy lights.  What about the dark neighborhoods?  The ones that there are no money for lights? 

WHO has the story?  CBS 11.  YOU don't want to miss it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ANY Truths about Trinity River Vision?

Interesting article on Durango about the Trinity River Vision Citizen's Committee.  How many are average citizens with no political or financial stake?  We couldn't find one, can YOU?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Trinity River Vision Truths?

Seems Tim Love has a cool new spot for another restaurant, right on the banks of the Trinity River.  Well, it will be cool until it floods.

According the the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,
The River Shack is under construction near Colonial Country Club on a Clear Fork riverbank. The location is on floodway property at 3101 Riverfront Drive, by Rogers Road behind Hoffbrau Steaks.

We've heard rumors about this site for quite some time.  If you look at the TAD database, seems the only people who own anything on Riverfront Drive is the Tarrant Regional Water District. 

So, does that mean WE THE PEOPLE own a restaurant?  Guess that means it's a free for all.


A recent Letter to the Editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram speaks for itself...

Political neutrality

I don't agree with the Star-Telegram's practice of recommending political candidates. The idea of media endorsements is a holdover from when newspapers were affiliated with political parties.

In my opinion, this is a chink in what should be an impenetrable armor of objectivity.

Your role in the political process is to fairly present the candidates to potential voters.

Voters should be swayed by the candidates, not by those whose credibility requires neutrality.

As the 2008 presidential primaries were heating up, Time magazine Managing Editor Rick Stengel raised the same issue: "How can a newspaper be objective on the front page when it endorses a candidate on the editorial page? [Readers are] dubious about whether the reporter who covers Hillary Clinton can be objective if his newspaper has endorsed Barack Obama -- and vice versa. And they're right."

I agree.

-- Tim Tune, Fort Worth

Fort Worth Flooding

This flooding video was shot yesterday in Fort Worth by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Trinity River Vision has been touted as a "flood control" project from the start, so they could receive Federal funds (earmarks). 

So what is the Trinity River Vision Authority up to these days?  Tubing on the Trinity for Happy Hour, what else?  Sound like flood control to you?  Read about it here

The Trinity River Vision is providing 600 free inner tubes. Do those getting the free inner tubes get to take them home with them? How much do 600 inner tubes cost? Is buying inner tubes what voters thought they were voting for back in 2004 when, apparently, a bond vote occurred which some claim is what has validated the TRV foolishness and folly which has evolved into massive Happy Hour Inner Tube Parties on the Trinity River?

Starting June 9, Josh Weathers and the True+Endeavors, along with other Texas acts, will make beautiful music from a waterfront stage, serenading the happy hour floaters out in the river, dodging snakes, turtles, alligator gar, assorted toxins and occasional floating fecal matter.

Now, if there is a fatal tragedy, like what happened in the Fort Worth Water Gardens, who is it who will be sued? The Trinity River Vision? The City of Fort Worth? The Tarrant Regional Water District? All of them? Who will pay?

Ultimately You?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Friends with Money...

YOUR money.

Durango has something to say about that.  Don't miss it.  Obviously, you already missed the vote.

So. These were not actually votes on the TRV Boondoggle. And, a vote in 2004, on a bond program worth only $4.5 million, is the vote that TRVB proponents cite as indicating the Fort Worth public's support for the almost $1 billion Trinity River Vision Boondoggle?

Apparently I missed the connection between these two bond votes and the TRVB. I suspect I was not the only one who missed the connection, even if I am more dense than most.

With Friends like these...

WHO needs enemies?

Friday, our Congresswoman Kay Granger, sent a message to her "friends".  Not those on 7th Street or American Airlines, but all you little people. 

We're not sure if it's in response to TRIP, or the Up a Creek documentary, or citizens attending the TCC/TRV meeting Wednesday and asking questions.  They say timing is everything.

All we know is "The Truths about TRV" leave a lot to be desired.  We're reminded that the Fort Worth portion of the Trinity River Vision is $26 million.  That's a lot of money for a city that's broke.  And again, WHO's money is it?  WHERE will the rest of the money come from when the federal portion never comes through?  If not Fort Worth, will it be Tarrant County or the Tarrant Regional Water District?  Ah, yes, that's YOUR money too.

It's good to have friends...

And don't worry, they say the trolley car money isn't coming out of Fort Worth, we can't wait to see WHERE it's coming from.  Yes, the council voted down the streetcars, we've now heard JD Granger and his mom basically say, that doesn't matter.  Maybe that's WHY they want to pick YOUR new mayor.  Ms. Granger also says it will create a billion dollars of economic impact, so if we spend a billion for it, does that make it a wash?  WHO is it impacting exactly?

You can read more about it on Landslide Clyde.  YOU can't afford to miss it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things that make you go Hmmm...

The 912 group is having training Sunday (see below). It's free unless you want lunch.  You can see a video concerning the "new urbanism" here.  The Fort Worth Chamber, not to be left out, is putting on a show too.
Maybe you should attend both and tell us what YOU see.  It ain't pretty.

912 Project Fort Worth Sunday

Friday, May 20, 2011

WHO knows?

WHY was the election judge in Haltom City removed a couple of days in to early voting? 

WHY was another election judge removed in Haltom City previously?

WHY were people that voted in those first days of early voting hanging outside the polling place door on the last day of early voting? 

Small towns...which is worse?  That or the Fort Worth Way?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breaking News

And a ray of hope.  From the Fort Worth Weekly.

Melody Johnson resigning from the Fort Worth School Board.

Texas Politics

The redistricting is causing quite a stir.  Seems just like before it's politically motivated. Surprise! 

WHO does it involve?  Tarrant County, who else.

Some don't want to take the time for a special session.  Isn't that their job?  Aren't their constituents worth the time?  Don't answer that...

How is it that when someone says something about the President, they are racist, but when someone wants to "divide and conquer" one race or another in redistricting they are called a politician? 

Read about the drama in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"There's no doubt that the minority community is divided and conquered," Veasey said.

Veasey said the shift would place most of his African-American and Hispanic constituents in a largely rural and predominantly Anglo district, where they would have no opportunity to influence the outcome of elections.

"I feel we're put in the basement and shut off," said Veasey, the only African-American in the Tarrant County House delegation.

Veasey and Davis have contended that the new plan violates the federal Voting Rights Act, but Solomons defended it.

Where the hell

was Mel?

Arlington council member Mel LeBlanc has been MIA for the past three council meetings and it appears no one could reach him.  Including his constituents.

Talk about representation.

Seems he was traveling for a business opportunity and a spiritual retreat. 

Feel better District 1? 

Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess WHO?

The same Representative that passed House Bill 2639 when no one was looking tried to pull a fast one on Fort Worth hotels. 


The Fort Worth Weekly knows why.  So do some others downtown, but they ain't talking.

Is it a rodeo arena or the Trinity River Vision?  We can't tell.

And then there is the issue of who will pay for it. Proponents want the city to be on the hook an unspecified amount of the cost, which could be half or more of a price tag that some observers predict will come in at more than $200 million.

But even though no plans have been approved or made public, that hasn’t prevented the arena proponents from seeking public tax money for the project.

What’s more, when the convoluted description of what cities the bill would cover is deciphered, it turns out that only one city would be affected: Fort Worth.

The bill was filed by Fort Worth State Rep. Charlie Geren in March. No one in the hotel industry — from the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau to local hotel operators to city staff and council members — was consulted prior to the filing. When an Austin hotel lobbyist discovered the bill, local hoteliers were alerted, and most were livid. Geren then pulled the bill, in mid-April.

What they said...

The Fort Worth Weekly has a good overview on the Mayor's election.  YOU can't afford to miss it.  Oh wait, most of you did.

Only one in 10 voters bothered to cast a ballot in last week’s mayoral election, and the large majority of them preferred either Betsy Price or Jim Lane, the two candidates least likely to poke a stick in any of the powerful groups that run this town.

Well, not too concerned. Not worried enough to take an hour out of their Saturday to go vote. For all you in the nine-tenths out there: If things don’t go the way you like locally in the next few years, don’t call us.

Tommy Lee Jones

His new educational PSA would be a lot easier to swallow, if we had clean water, and he hadn't shilled the BS for the BS.  (That second one is Barnett Shale for you newbies). 

While we agree with his PSA, we don't believe anything he says anymore.

One line of his commercial could have been in his gas drilling ads..."This affects your children, your grandchildren and our future".   If he'd said that, people might not be changing the channel when he comes on TV now.

WHY do our politicians not care about education in Texas?  Like John Wayne said, "Life is hard, it's harder when you're stupid".

Horse Feathers

Yes, that's what he said.  Those of you from Texas get it.

We noticed a pattern with the Letters to the Editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they all seem to be for Cathy Hirt for Fort Worth Mayor.  Could it be the citizens finally woke up and are sick and tired of the Fort Worth Way?

In several cities, we keep hearing the word puppet.  WHO wants a puppet for a mayor??

We hold this truth to be self-evident. Fort Worth is ruled by a big-money oligarchy. Nothing of consequence can be done without their say-so.

The oligarchy tells you to vote for Betsy Price because she would make independent decisions. Horse feathers. At a recent candidate forum I asked Betsy why she would leave a $140,000 life time job for a two year $30,000 job. Her response: "Because Kay Granger asked me to." Independent decisions? Like a puppet on a string.

Long before Mike Moncrief announced he would not run again, Cathy Hirt wrote her declaration of independence. Likewise, we the taxpayers of Fort Worth declare that we are, and of right, ought to be, free and independent voters, and are absolved from all allegiance to the oligarchy. With our John Hancock, we the people will elect a truly independent voice -- Cathy Hirt -- as our mayor.

-- Don Woodard Sr., Fort Worth

Heritage Park Update

Courtesty of Durango. 

And the Amon G. Carter Foundation.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You are invited

Yes, we know it's short notice.  And it's during the day.  And it's at the TCC sunken money pit fiasco and it's in the "Energy" Auditorium.  Go anyway.  It's sure to be entertaining. 

What does the Trinity River Vision have to do with computer classes?  Maybe they'll teach you how to turn the water blue and edit out the trash for photo ops.

Frisco Votes

Saturday Frisco voters got a say on the Trinity River Vision boondoggle, not really, they don't get to vote on it either.  They voted on the Arts of Collin County center.  And how did they vote?  To revoke the bond.  Seems the taxpayers and some council members don't think spending tax dollars on something that should be paid for with private developer money is a good idea.  Imagine that.  Read about it on NBCDFW.

Scandal Update

Check out the Paradise Center Scandal blog (made possible by Durango) for the latest update on the MHMR dealings. 

Kudos to Teresa and crew for all they do!

Monday, May 16, 2011

WHO floods?

And WHO makes the call?

In the articles about all the states being flooded by the Mississippi River we noticed they said the same thing we heard in the Up a Creek movie.

One major factor at work is a seemingly innocuous one: concrete. Arthur Schmidt, a hydrologist and engineer at the University of Illinois, said paving over soil that would naturally absorb rainwater means that water has to go somewhere else — into the efficient network of drainage pipes beneath cities and towns that keeps streets dry.

"That issue of paving our towns isn't just right by the river, it's anywhere that you have a stream that eventually connects to that river, which is a huge portion of the country," Schmidt said.

Are you listening, Fort Worth?  Do you see what's happening to these people?  The Trinity River runs through the heart of Texas including but not limited to Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas.  How many people live along this river and the tributaries?  The numbers are staggering and remember, all the political promises in the world can't stop the rain.  (And we wouldn't want to be standing next to one in the lightning). The Trinity River Vision is more than just a threat to your pocketbook.

An article on MSNBC might put it in perspective for you.  What if it was YOUR house they were flooding to save someone else?  What happens to food prices if all the farmland is flooded? 

"So I guess it's all about saving the rich and burying the poor?" he asked.

In addition to threatening densely populated areas, lower Mississippi flooding was a risk for as many as eight refineries and at least one nuclear power plant alongside the river.

The Army Corps of Engineers has taken drastic steps to prevent flooding. Engineers blew up a levee in Missouri — inundating an estimated 200 square miles of farmland and damaging or destroying about 100 homes — to take the pressure off floodwalls protecting the town of Cairo, Ill., population 2,800.

Bless them all.

How much did that cost YOU?

An excerpt from the Texas Weekly in 2001 concerning redistricting.  Funny how things change.  Or how they don't...

It's the Fort Worth Way.

Sen. Mike Moncrief, D-Fort Worth, railing in the Austin American-Statesman about redistricting plans that put him in a Republican district with Dee Kelly Jr., son of the well-connected attorney and political player: "Representing almost 700,000 people is serious business. Senate District 12 is not a toy for your boy. You need to earn your stripes, not just purchase your title."

Double take

Check out the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle and the Fort Worth Mayor Boondoggle on Durango.

The picture alone is worth it.

Fort Worth Fail

The Fort Worth Mayor race...what a disappointment.  Since some of you couldn't be bothered to get off your couch to vote, you'll get more of what you got. 

Now what we've got is a bunch of politicians, the gas industry, the police and fire associations fighting over the Mayor.  So, whichever one is elected, WHO do you think they will answer to?  THE PEOPLE or the ones WHO bought their campaign?

Good guess, Einstein.

See what Durango had to say here.

See what Clyde had to say here.

I think it’s by design that two candidates favoring abuse of eminent domain, gross waste of public monies, and favoring the well connected and influential, are the last two standing in the June runoff election.

Kay Granger, Dee Kelly, and Ed Bass will laugh all the way to the bank. They win no matter who is elected. The TRV keeps wasting along and the influence over public spending and other downtown accommodation doesn’t change a bit. Those are three individuals who Betsy Price initially named as the ones who influenced her to run for mayor. Chesapeake gas jumped on the half Price bandwagon late in the electioneering, so they have preserved their place of influence as well.

Not that Lane is without influence, his treasurer is Ken Barr, former mayor and Chesapeake Gas lobbyist. It goes without saying that Jim will continue to support the flagrant abuse of property rights and wasteful spending of tax dollars. Jim’s other albatross is the police and firefighter unions who have pumped tons of money into his campaign. So to whom does he owe his allegiance?

Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger has been down.  And has wiped out everything from yesterday.  Never fear, if they don't put it back, we will.

What are you doing tomorrow?  Oh, that's right, VOTING!

Get off your couch and do it!  Many people have defended your right to do so.  It's your turn.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What she said was...

One of our friends in Haltom City wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram supporting a candidate for Haltom City Mayor.  She was kind enough to send us a copy.  Then we noticed something, what she said and what was printed, well - read it yourself.  Can you see a difference?  Another example of WHY we started this blog.

A recent letter stated the Haltom City election was costing $30,000 while the true cost is $14,704. This was just another feeble attempt in misleading the citizens with so called “facts”. It's been going on far too long in our town and it's time for it to end. If you agree, join me in voting for Bob Watkins as the write-in candidate for Mayor. Bob attends most every city function and meeting. He donates time to Paw Pals and Friends of the Library. He is a homeowner and business owner in the city, as well as a long time member of the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Northeast Tarrant Chamber, and he has never been a member of the Economic Development Corporation. Don’t let your right to vote go to waste, write in Bob Watkins for Mayor!

Paper said:
Join me in voting for Bob Watkins as the write-in candidate for Haltom City mayor. Bob attends most every city function and meeting. He donates time to Paw Pals and Friends of the Library. He is a homeowner and business owner in the city, as well as a longtime member of the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Northeast Tarrant Chamber -- and he has never been a member of the Economic Development Corporation. Don't let your right to vote go to waste. Write in Bob Watkins for mayor!

Now why would the first portion of the letter be removed?  ASK. Knowing her, she already has. 

Another question would be, HOW many letters are edited and what did they REALLY say?  ASK.

Small Town Elections

White Settlement has asked for an election judge that isn't from there.  While White Settlement does a lot wrong, they got this one right. 

Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Tarrant County Elections Administrator Steve Raborn, whose office is conducting the election for the city, said he doesn't often get requests like White Settlement's. Typically, election judges work close to their homes, Raborn said.

"Sometimes we hear from small towns where everyone knows one another," he said.

Yeah, sometimes we do too.

This Thursday: Please Say NO to Privatizing Botanic Garden & Nature Center


Dear Friends,

At 6: 30 p.m. this Thursday, May 12, 2011, please go to a public meeting in the Fort Worth City Council Chamber at the north end of City Hall; and say just NO to privatizing the Botanic Garden and Nature Center.  Both should continue to be controlled by the City Council, not by some corporate hierarchy where we have no influence.

Please do sign up to speak!

Here is a notice with details from the Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods asking you to speak up at the meeting.  The good news in all that is that privatizing the Public Libraries is off the table for now.  The League’s letter links to a long slide show from government employees. It seems that if you must arrive late, you may still get to speak.

Many of you share my lifelong love of the Botanic Garden and the 3621 acre Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. There is just too much land and gas wealth there to give up control to a private corporation. It you look at the details, you can tell that it is up to all of us to make certain that our best loved parks do not get privatized.

WHO's Money is it?

A very cool teenager found $2,000 in a parking lot and turned it in.  No, it's not a joke, it's a true story. 

Then Dallas kept the money.  That's their policy, ya know.  WHAT does that teach kids about being honest and doing the right thing?

We'd rather the money go to an honest kid than a crooked politician any day.   We can only hope a 15 year old like this will someday run for office.

"I don't regret making the decision I did," she said. "I feel proud of myself for giving the money back. It's one of the biggest decisions of my life."

Kudos to Ashley Donaldson and to her parents for raising her to know the meaning of integrity.  Our "leaders" could learn a thing or two from this kid.

Also, kudos to the anonymous donor that stepped up and gave the teen some cash.  Sounds like it was needed and it was very well deserved.  You can read about it on WFAA.com.

She did not...

We came across an article on WFAA.com in which Kathleen Hicks states the following,

"How is it that we are able to find money when we want to, and then other times we somehow can't?" Hicks asked. "That's the thing that really disturbs me."

Where has she been??  Does she not sit on the dias?  And the Trinity River Vision committee?  Has she slept through her latest term in office?  Is she surprised that elderly people are afraid to leave their house at night because their neighborhood which has no street lights is dangerous?  Did she know this the last time she went on a Sister Cities trip?  How much do those cost?  ASK.

We noticed Fort Worth staffers wouldn't comment.  More of the Fort Worth Way.

Don't forget to vote Saturday.  YOU can't afford not to.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We hear you Argyle!

Kudos to Save Argyle Texas!

More citizens sharing information.  It's contagious.  Try it today!

Did YOU vote yet?

YOU better.  Otherwise, same ol...you know.

DO something, otherwise, keep your mouth shut. 

WHO are we voting for?  You can see our pics here.

Early voting ends today at 7.  Election day is Saturday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Open Letter to Fort Worth Candidates

And Haltom City candidates, and North Richland Hills candidates, etc..

This may be our favorite letter we have ever received.  Sounds like we have a new contributor.  Welcome aboard Mr. Haltom City Voter.  The pay sucks, but you'll sleep better at night than the politicians do.

Dear Mysterious Media Moguls of the Star Telegraph,

First, let me thank you for your effort to bring a fresh perceptive of the community news to the people of the Tarrant County. I know it is a challenging effort and you are to be commended for your diligence and vision.

This is of course election season and the media is full of endorsement letters for this candidate and that candidate. Our mail box should be filled with letters telling us the value of each of the people on the ballot. It is not. The web sites of the candidates should give us real insight to the thinking and positions of the candidates on issues of public concern. They do not. Time and again I see the same fluff repackaged.

Candidate A has three children and five grandchildren, goes to the big church on the corner, wants better economic development in the city, and less government. Candidate B has four children, four grandchildren and a dog named Frisky. He is a deacon at big church on the hill. He wants better economic development in the city, and less government. Since I am a dog lover ,I guess I should vote for Candidate B, although I like the look of the church on the corner a lot more. Give me a break!

There should be a law against including inane material in campaigns. I really don’t want to hear about your family, your church and most of the do-nothing organizations which you have blessed with your attendance. Then there is the endorsements, here I will confess to making several myself over the years. The endorsement tells me nothing other than someone thinks this candidate is a kind and gentle soul with good moral character. I can safely say that each candidate for every office will have supporters who can mimic the same lines. Truth is, for the most part, candidates are good moral people, gentle and kind; at least before their first term in office.

To the candidates I say:

I am interested in how you fought for the little guy against an unjust system. I am interested in how you defended the environment against exploitative corporations. I would delight in hearing how you spearheaded the efforts to uncover government waste and corruption. I want to hear that you have a position, any position. It’s okay if we disagree on an issue. At least I can see that you have the will to stand-up for your convictions. I think the candidates should send out a complete list of contributors with each mailing and include the same in their web sites. Don’t make me go looking for it. Be up front. Let me know who you are listening to, who your corporate friends are. The law requires that you tell the public where your campaign funds come from. Be proud of your contributors. Be honest with the voters. Don’t send me a four color portrait of your All-American family , I have one of my own, thank you.

The candidate that gets my vote will be financially supported be the community, not out of town, out of state corporations looking for favors in the coming term.

The candidate that gets my vote will have real drive for a better community with a plan to accomplish it.

Generations of Americas have fought to maintain the privilege of the vote ,at least the candidates can make the effort to earn it!

Haltom City Voter

No comment?

We received a comment from Anonymous, calling himself Thomas Payne.

Which Thomas Payne? There's a few...

Seems Mr. Payne missed the point, or the boat.  This blog was started two years ago, in part to point out the appalling lack of media coverage on real issues.  To give THE PEOPLE a voice, since it has been stripped away by greed and politicians.  In the course of those two years, we've learned not only is there a lack of coverage, there is something rotten in the "news" rooms in Tarrant County (Like the very post Payne was commenting on...ironic).  We have some more great examples on the way.  YOU won't want to miss it.  While we don't have to, we can assure you, Mr. Payne, the site was not started to "googlewash" a Fort Worth mayor candidate.  Though we did appreciate the laugh, thank you.
Unlike our mainstream media, our goal has always been to look out for the citizens. Their future and the future of their children.  We aren't paid to lie.  Call your local media about that one. 

We'll endorse WHO we want, when we want, how we want.  Got that?

More Trinity River BS

Just when you think it can't get any dumber, it does.  Only in Fort Worth...you can't make this crap up.  It's the Fort Worth Way. 

Maybe the Trinity River Vision Authority and the Tarrant Regional Water District should attend a North Central Texas Council of Governments meeting on water quality in the Trinity River.  Oh wait, they did.  WHAT does that tell you?  Don't forget Jim Lane is a member of the Water Board.  As a mayoral candidate how does he let this entity mislead the public?

The Trinity River in Tarrant County is said to be one of the most contaminated portions of the river, it's also full of trash, alligators, snakes, PCB's and waste water. 

Please don't buy the BS.  It makes you dumber than them.
Read about the latest, sickest Trinity River Vision propaganda on Durango.  Where else.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is that a threat?

We've been getting some good stuff as of late.  We can't wait to share it all.  Comments, Letters and emails, oh my.

It's all coming.  Every bit of it.  YOU won't want to miss it.

Stay tuned, kids, it's about to get good.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Price is Wrong

It's time to change Lane's...

Fort Worth Mayor's race in full swing.  Some letters in the paper point out some things that raise some questions about Lane and Price.  Do us all a favor, vote for Cathy Hirt.  Nobody is buying her. 

Don't be bought.

Betsy Price, a great lady and excellent tax collector, claims to be a fiscal conservative. But she's not. As a member of the TRV citizen committee, Betsy supports the $1 billion Trinity River Vision project and believes the use of tax abatements, TIFs and eminent domain to benefit the politically connected is a legitimate government function.

I admired this former business owner for introducing professional management practices, innovations and advanced technology that modernized the Tax Department and actually saved taxpayers millions of dollars. Betsy knows her first obligation is to taxpayers.

So is Betsy obligated to the taxpayer or Kay Granger and Cheseapeake?  Which is it? 

And WHO will Lane be obligated to?

The police and firefighter organizations are basically sponsoring Jim Lane's candidacy. Their eye-popping $154,000 funding represents more than two-thirds of his campaign contributions. This goes far beyond an endorsement. The police and firefighters, most of whom don't live in Fort Worth, are running a candidate for mayor.

In 2011 and 2012, the mayor and council will be trying to bring pension costs under control for all city employees, including police and firefighters. With that kind of connection, how can we count on Lane to work for the taxpayers of Fort Worth when negotiating with the people that paid his way into office?

Watauga Flooded with Candidates

That's a good thing.

Eight people running for City Council in Watauga.  That means something is up.  Pay attention.  YOU can't afford not to. 

Texas Lone Star supports Gary Johnson and his running mates.  You can learn more about them at Watauga Citizens First.  They are Watauga citizens and business owners that want to fix the real problems of the city, including the flooding of several neighborhoods that has taken place for years and never been addressed.  Hear that, Fort Worth?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Trinity River Vision Nightmare

No we aren't talking about the Fort Worth billion dollar boondoggle, we're talking downstream in Dallas.  However, the story is eerily similar.  Exchange the word, rafting for Wakeboarding. And Trinity Commons Foundation for Trinity River Vision Authority, or Streams and Valleys.
Just one more "disaster waiting to happen."  Read the Dallas Observer for the latest fiasco.  Will someone tell the politicians to please quit jacking with OUR river?  And quit wasting OUR money.
Kudos to Jim Schutze!

The "Standing Wave" is a $4 million-plus kayaking feature that the city recently installed in the Trinity River, and it's a failure. It's ugly. It's dangerous. It's an insult to the river.

Instead it's another sickening example of how the multibillion dollar Trinity River project is being handled—top-down, with no community involvement or consultation, driven entirely by people whose idea of a river experience is rafting down the Colorado with a guide, a chef and a guitarist.

If the kids didn't have life jackets on, they might drown. If they did have life jackets on, they would still get pushed underwater in one of the most toxic rivers in the state.

 All they know is that the Trinity Commons Foundationthe private socialite club promoting the overall Trinity River Project—has been flouncing around strewing rose petals and singing the praises of the Standing Wave, which they say is the first evidence of progress on the overall 20-year-old multibillion dollar Trinity River project.

We have been blessed with a beautiful river. We need to stop trying to tell the river what to do, be quiet, and listen to the river's real voice.

Bad "News"

Some letters to the editor today in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from THE PEOPLE point out the "news" got it wrong on their recommendations for the Fort Worth elections.  Again, please tell us WHY a supposedly unbiased news outlet would support anyone for office?  Shouldn't they report facts on the candidates and let THE PEOPLE decide?  What do they have to gain by shilling for incumbents?  ASK.

One letter concerns Sal Espino, funny, seems we mentioned some of this as well.  Did the "news" not know claims were false?  How is that?  ASK.

Another reader has some good points concerning Scarth as well.  Let's not forget about his son.

Remember, if you're not happy with what you've been getting, voting for the same old isn't going to help that.  The "news" writes all year long about the scandals and shortcomings of the city and its leaders, then come May says, reelect them...ASK - What the hell?

Fort Worth council

I'm an 82-year-old Fort Worth native and have spent most of my life living and working in east Fort Worth. I am very concerned and disappointed in the Star-Telegram's recommendation of Danny Scarth for District 4 on the City Council.

Scarth has not done anything for his own neighborhood, and he has done even less for others in the district. He's instead brought us the only toxic waste dump in the city and has never seen a high-impact gas well he didn't support, which has caused real estate values to plummet.

Let's vote for jobs and new businesses in east Fort Worth, not flooding in Riverside and Gateway parks. Let us also begin to move forward with positive improvements in District 4 by electing Lupe Arriola as our next council member.

-- Dean Hatch, Fort Worth

I have to disagree with the Star-Telegram's recommendation of Sal Espino for Fort Worth City Council District 2. In my opinion, Espino has done nothing to endear himself to the community. I find it disturbing that he is trying to take credit for the 2004 bond improvements and development along the Alliance corridor, both of which were in the making prior to his election.

Since he is proud of the improvements in Rockwood Park from the drilling money, why couldn't he have been vocal or used some of the drilling money to keep the Marine Park swimming pool open?

Perhaps he needs to look up the meaning of constituent service. If you call his office at City Hall, you will hear a long message on his voice mail detailing all the reasons why you will not get a return phone call anytime soon, if ever.

-- Lucy Aguilera, Fort Worth

New in town...

The letter to the editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram today speaks volumes about the Haltom City Mayor race.

The letter writer is new in town (2005) and in Haltom City, that is very new in town.  Many residents have been there the 50+ years, since the town was born.  And arriving in 2005 means you missed the recall fun and all the fallout that followed. The letter writer wants you to support the man who has been a part of the infamous Economic Development Corporation.  With all the jobs this candidate has, how will he make time to be Mayor?  And do YOU want someone who has a "vision far beyond council chambers"?  You know what happens with "visions"...

Do our friends in Haltom City a favor and Write-In Bob Watkins for Mayor.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh say can YOU see?

Excellent letter in the FW Weekly this week.  If you haven't seen Up A Creek yet, YOU should.  You can't afford not to. 

You can see it on TRIP's website.  Isn't half an hour of your time worth a billion dollars?  Skip a so called "news" program one night, trust us, you'll learn more from this.  Watch it, for YOUR kids, if nothing else.

TRV: A Vision Problem?

To the editor: Dan McGraw’s article “TRV’s Up a Creek” (April 6, 2011) was perfectly timed, with elections coming up. The Trinity River Vision’s supporters on the water board would rather spend money attracting tourists with that project than meeting the flood-control needs of other communities.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, knowing the flood potential from Big Fossil Creek, allowed land to be developed on the pretext that they didn’t have $6 million to fix the problem. And yet, as the article points out, they “found” $500 million for the TRV.

Don Woodard calls the TRV “pseudo flood control” and compares some politicians who advocate the project to bank robbers like Bonnie and Clyde. His comments are apropos. Woodard was joined in his opposition by Libertarian Party Chairman John Spivey and by Clyde Picht and Louis McBee, who refers to the TRV as “Lake Kay Granger.”

Layla Caraway’s video Up a Creek is going to be a success story. She should run for city council. As for Granger, maybe she needs an eye doctor. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Delores Raikes
Fort Worth

They get it...


The FW Weekly does another bang up job at putting it together.  Kudos to Dan McGraw!  And to all the people quoted in the article, wanting to learn more and DO something!

Don't miss the article.  It's got some good information on TRIP (Trinity River Improvement Partnership) and the local Tea Party, 912.  The Weekly gets it right by talking to many different folks with many different opinions.  Too bad our other "news" outlets only say what their told.

Enough already...GO VOTE!

"We keep hearing from city leaders how [Fort Worth] hasn't been affected as much as other cities by the national economic downturn" she said. "But then we can't afford basic city services like building better roads and keeping pools open. I guess I just want to find out how we got in this mess. I guess I'm here because I want to learn more."

He started coming to meetings earlier this year because "I would read the paper and watch the news at home, and I found myself having a fit," he said. "I wanted to see what I could do, to learn more about all the issues and not just sit at home and complain.
"The TRV is a big waste of money when we don't even have money to fix our roads. Granger puts her son in charge of it at a very high salary. This is mis-spending at its worst."
In Fort Worth ... no one has questioned authority in the past," he said. "We just did not get involved. The more I keep my eyes open and the more I see, the more I need to get involved.
TRIP and the 912ers have become close allies as they fight what they both consider crazy spending on a project that they believe is not needed and favors private development interests through the use of eminent domain. TRIP backs a plan that would spend about $60 million to improve river access near downtown, but members want the private marketplace alone to determine what kind of development happens along the river.
 "I am a member of both groups because no one represents the taxpayers anymore, and that has to change," she said.
"The TRV project is a perfect example of that," she said. "They want to spend more than $900 million of federal and state and local tax money, and voters haven't had any say in the matter. And believe me, the federal money is drying up because of the ban on earmark spending, and you know the burden is going to shift to local money.

Fort Worth Example

When people across the United States use YOUR city as an example of what NOT to do, you got problems.

Check out the Fort Worth Way gas drilling example @ the Fort Worth Weekly.

And then get your butt off the couch and go vote.