Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Colleyville Resignation

Guess who? Yes, you guessed it. The City manager is out. Who's next?

City Council accepts city manager’s resignation effective April 2

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Duh…Fort Worth edition

Remember, when nothing ever gets done, it just gets worse.  Also called, kicking the can.  The Fort Worth Weekly checked in on the Arlington Heights flooding issues.

Stop us when we get to something you haven’t heard before -

….that “the pipe system that was installed 80-plus years ago is not large enough to keep rain runoff underground” all the way to the Trinity River.

The solution, as everyone is aware, would be to tear up the streets in the flood areas and put in large storm-water drainage pipes that would carry the floodwater to the Trinity. But, as Simmons noted, the cost makes that unfeasible.

“You know,” said one resident who did not want her name used, “the city has funds for their Trinity [River] Vision project, and they have funds for their bridge to nowhere, but they don’t have money for this very important infrastructure issue. I don’t buy that.”

“Essentially,” she said, “the city has allowed over-building on an under-served community.”

“What we really want,” Helmer said, “is to have the city fix the problem upstream. You can’t just allow people to overbuild continually without having a problem in the lower areas.”

Read about how the city doesn’t have the money to fix issues it has helped create in the FWW -

Arlington Heights Flooding too Costly?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

YOU are invited!

If you're not going to the JPS bond meeting Thursday night, go to this!

1985 - 2016

Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods
General Membership Meeting
Thursday, December 1, 2016
6:30 p.m.

University Christian Church
2720 South University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76109

YOU are invited!

You should be, it's YOUR money. 

Call to Action! JPS requires citizen input for proposed debt package.


The John Peter Smith public hospital district, more commonly known as JPS, proposed an $809,000,000 bond package last year without much citizen input. Overwhelmingly, the majority of the money was going to be spent only on the downtown facility in Fort Worth, with more than half being spent on a new inpatient tower. Meanwhile, there was minimal benefit for the rest of the taxpayers in other parts of the county who would also bear the cost of this nearly billion-dollar project. However, the bond never made to the November ballot this year.  An active citizenry of concerned taxpayers raised questions and concerns about the direction and hidden costs of the bond, prompting the Commissioner’s Court to put it on hold.  It will now face a “Blue Ribbon Commission,” in an attempt to calm those opposing the bond.

At the core of this debate is a choice we must face as taxpayers.

Detractors of the bond claim this package represents a philosophical change in the mission of JPS. A change from providing indigent care to that of becoming the “provider of choice”, to quote JPS CEO Robert Early. Do we want our public hospital competing with privately run providers of care, actively competing against them with their own tax dollars and potentially putting those jobs at risk? Or, should JPS’s focus be on taking care of those who are unable to pay and the indigent who simply cannot care for themselves? Let’s ask ourselves, what would be the wiser investment for the taxpayers of Tarrant County to make?

Preventative Care Instead of Emergency Room Care

If our focus is going to be indigent care and those unable to pay, it makes a lot more sense to focus on local clinics and prevention in those communities, rather than meeting them in the emergency room. It’s a lot cheaper to give someone an injection of insulin, than amputate a foot because the early stages of diabetes weren’t detected. Taxpayers then foot the bill for the difference. Insurance premiums rise to compensate for those who can’t pay and taxes increase to cover the uninsured.
These were among the chief concerns raised by Arlington & Grand Prairie residents at a town hall held by District County Commissioner, Andy Nguyen. Citizens & activists grilled JPS staff and JPS executive director Robert Early on how they arrived at their projections. Some, such as Ross Kecseg noted the numbers simply didn’t add up.

Kecseg reported that the debt proposal was riddled with far-fetched financial forecast’s and dubious assumptions. He showed that JPS officials were not being up front with the true costs of the project.

“FRG’s* “baseline” scenario for JPS represents the current financial trajectory if nothing is renovated, built, or added to the facility. It has 4% in unexplained operational efficiency gains   imbedded in it, on top of the 3% they assume in their best-case scenario. In other words, FRG assumes JPS will find savings unrelated to the proposed construction plan, without explaining how or why. According to sources inside the County Court, when JPS approved plans for a new patient pavilion in 2008, similar efficiencies of 2-3% were promised that never materialized.”

The County Commissioner’s Court tried to rush this proposal onto the November ballot before citizens could see the full picture. But once taxpayers did, JPS officials quickly retreated. It was an active citizenry taking direct action that held back the bond.  The fight is not over for taxpayers, however.  The Court’s rubber-stamp commission will soon give the bond new life.

The citizens of Tarrant County have two clear options.  Do we focus our attention and resources on reducing negative externalities such as high-cost emergency room care both our private and public institutions face, or try to compete with the private market, needlessly putting hard working people’s jobs at risk and wasting taxpayer dollars?

The best way to impact this process is to attend and speak up at this week’s forums.

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 Arlington Subcourthouse, 700 E. Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016 Lake Worth Activity Center, 7005 Charbonneau Road Lake Worth, TX 76054

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Northeast Courthouse, 645 Grapevine Highway Hurst, TX 76054

*(FRG is a Consulting firm hired to do the projections)

Two down...

Incoming from Direct Action Texas:

The good news just keeps coming in. This morning Fort Worth City Councilman Sal Espino, a tight ally of Mayor Price, announced he will not seek re-election. Sal is at the center of what has been described as the largest voter fraud investigation the State has seen. Instead of facing voters again, Sal chose the easy way out, hoping to disappear into the shadows.

This decision, however, will not affect his criminal liability in the alleged activities being investigated. In October Direct Action Texas presented how Sal and his group have been illegally harvesting mail in ballots and how Sal stole his last re-election in 2015 where he allegedly won by 27 votes. It is well known in the Northside community that the race was rigged, which is why 3 challengers had announced campaigns by October of this year, something that is unprecedented. #bloodinthewater

This announcement comes on the heels of Tarrant County Elections Administrator, Frank Philips, resigning last Wednesday. In an odd move, Denton County has taken the failed administrator back, evidently they don't care about accurate elections.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Missing Trees in Colleyville

Here’s what is up with that…

Hello all,

The city council held a special meeting this morning concerning the clear cutting destruction of mature trees and under growth of vegetation along the cotton belt trail. Council is sending a request for additional information as to the plans that Dart has for clearing these areas and to stop work until we have all details. According to plans on the TRE web site, only a small area was to be cleared. Now during the holiday weekend, a surprise of additional work was to start today without the City having received a full scope of work intended.

We have instructed the proper people to take action to stop these actions, not only for the trees but for the safety of our citizens using the trail. Council has instructed law enforcement to patrol the area to ensure that work will not happen until we clear this mess up. Ordinances are set in place across the city for tree preservation and tree mitigation for every project including residents. In our opinion the city tree ordinances guide lines are as said and set in place. Just because you own the property in Colleyville does not give you the leverage to destroy trees without mitigation. Those who claim "It's their property and they can do what they want" need to brief themselves with the ordinances to which the city has chosen to unanimously uphold at this time.

Tex rail has made a statement of untruth saying Colleyville has given them the "OK" to proceed with the T project,. This is a false statement. As most know we passed a resolution against the train and it's intent last June. The city has also asked for documentation showing where exactly the city gave the "OK" to proceed, and asked for "face to face meetings" but that information and meetings have been denied. We have been asking for meetings for months and still asking as of today. The city recently received a letter back from TRE saying they had the "OK" and that's all they needed, they also refused to talk to us "face to face". Thus (today) prompting the city to direct our attorney to send another letter asking for such documents and additional meetings.

I would like to clear up a few things.

1) We were accused of having a quick emergency meeting on a Monday morning to disguise our intentions against TexRail.


As explained, the council found out the intentions at the last minute and we took action. The Mayor could have single handedly ordered all that was discussed today without the public, but he chose to have an open meeting. "Yes" the meeting happened on a Monday morning but, this is due to TexRail trying to start work today. We have always been transparent.

That argument is void.

2) A very small amount of people have said we are wasting tax payer money by fighting a fight that we "may" lose. In my opinion (only) if we lay down and let BIG government run over us, we will be nothing more than shown as weak and feeble. There are some who like to lay down at the mere mention of a scuffle, but I for one find it justified in standing up to fight for our great town known for its unique character. This may cost us a very small amount to proceed with letters and injunctions for now, but this will give us time to fact find and justify our motive moving forward. If additional action is required we will have another public meeting. The cost of a few letters from our attorney will pale in comparison to the loss of mature trees.

We are transparent.

I took an oath to support and lead with boldness for the people and our town. I along with many others on the council feel the same in our responsibilities to residents and we will stand firm. We never claimed to stop the train, but we will make sure they adhere to the rules of government engagement. A thought - David took on Goliath with a small stone and a sling shot. We may be working against a "Goliath" but we will use the resources to do what is right for our city. Unless we take a position and stand our ground, how will we know what we may accomplish! Maybe even stop a Goliath.

Bobby Lindamood Jr
City Councilman
Place 2

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Charlie Foxtrot in Dallas

Journalist Jim Schutze explains what he and his neighbors are living through now.  We’re guessing the sinkhole was nothing compared to this…

Scary problem with the gas company. Atmos has been digging up our alley all weekend because of water in their gas supply line. Our appliances – and those of our neighbors – keep shutting off because of intermittent supply.

Atmos comes back and vacuums out the water. It builds up again and our appliances shut off again.
That’s maybe OK with things like water heaters that have automatic shut-offs (thermo-couplers, I now know), but it does nothing to protect gas ranges with piezo lighters.

Sooner or later, somebody will turn on a burner and then walk out in the yard. If the gas shuts off momentarily, that valve will be open but unlighted – a fast leak.

The gas company lady just told me that situation will be OK because the people can smell the leak.


She also had my records all totally wrong about when they had been here and what they had done. Each time one of us calls Atmos, it’s a fresh start and they treat it as a household problem. The Atmos lady also told me she had no way of seeing the complaints and calls from my neighbors.

It’s whack-a-mole meets groundhog day every time we call. No wonder houses blow up. We should all be on CNG tanks until hey replace their line for the whole block.

The Atmos crews have told me they can’t replace their line because there’s a big city water leak in the alley that the city won’t fix. One guy said, “You don’t have a gas problem, sir. You have a water problem.” I said, “No, YOU have a water problem,. I have a gas [problem.”

I can’t even tell you how many crews have come to the block in the last three days, but my water heater as off again this morning. One guy admitted to me that water had made its way through my meter into my household gas line, but he told me that was now my problem.

This is some Third World shit.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When your #1 fan calls you a Boondoggle...

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram calls the Trinity River Vision what it really is.

And Durango fills in the gaps.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Opines Boondoggle's Stalled Bridges Can't Be A Good Thing

The Star-Telegram says the Trinity River Vision may have more than its share of opponents. I don't think opponents is the correct characterization. I think it is more accurate to say that which used to be called the Trinity River Vision has a lot of people who have observed the "vision" and have been appalled by how badly the "vision" has been managed.

Defunct Wakeboard parks, floating beer parties in a polluted river, little progress, a project timeline which constantly shifts, an unqualified son of a local politician made the project's executive director, a public works project drastically changing the town, but the townspeople have never been allowed to vote on the project. And even with no public vote on a public works project, eminent domain being abused to take property, over and over again.

Hey Arlington –

Someone tell your mayor, CAVE stands for Citizens Against Vast Expenditures.

And it doesn’t look good when you attack citizen’s personally, nobody likes a bully.

Isn’t he up for relelection in May?

Should be fun to watch, or listen anyway.

Listen to the mayor here -

Arlington mayor questions intelligence of stadium opposition in secret audio recording

Friday, October 21, 2016

“One of the worst public projects anyone could imagine..."

No, not the Billion Dollar Boondoggle Trinity River Vision Central City Panther Island…though it ranks right on up there.  This quote came from an economist on the Arlington stadium deal. Not the mayor, or hired hands for the park.

If you want to know just how bad YOU are getting screwed, Arlington, read the report on with many links to the story.  These 100 year ballparks are almost as common as the 100 year floods around here.

Just 22 years ago, Major League Baseball (MLB)'s Texas Rangers opened what was then called The Ballpark in Arlington. Now known as Globe Life Park, the "monument to baseball"—as then-Rangers owner George W. Bush called it—was touted during its opening season as a jewel of a retro stadium that could become one of baseball's eternal parks, like Chicago's Wrigley Field or Boston's Fenway Park, and last 100 years.

Texas Rangers' Proposed Stadium Deal Is Yet Another Loser For Taxpayers

Thursday, October 20, 2016


WANTED - Vote Thieves in Tarrant County!

If you have info, call Direct Action Texas today!  (817) 893-8502
There might be $5,000 in it for you!

A note to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Monday night all hell broke lose at a meeting in Fort Worth. Direct Action Texas provided proof of the voter fraud that has been taking place for decades in Tarrant County.  This meeting forced the media to finally admit that Tarrant County Elections were being investigated by the Attorney General's office.  So, what's the problem you ask? 

You know the answer, the local media.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had a reporter front and center for the meeting Monday.  (So did the Fort Worth Weekly and CBS 11.  Channel 8 showed up for some footage.)  Sounds like the follow up article left a lot to be desired.  We know that's shocking to all.  Below is the meeting presenter's (Aaron Harris) response to the reporter and a link to the story.

Anna - I general find your reporting to be fair but there is so much in this piece which is simply not true, I'm very disappointed. A simple phone call could have cleared these facts up. I made it clear last week that after Monday night's presentation I'd be willing to talk more.

Let us address several of the statements in this article which are false or bizarre: "the ongoing investigation, and Harris’s separate complaints" - separate? Who separated them? If not my complaints, then what triggered the investigation? what is your source for that statement?

Next - I love how you use presidential election stats...completely irrelevant. These activities are in primaries and municipal races, I've made that clear. Is this an intentional deflection?

Next: "an issue with mail-in ballots from the primary election earlier this year." -- what is their source on this? What direct knowledge does your source have of the investigation. This statement is factually incorrect. Utter nonsense. Accuracy matters right?

Next: "At issue is how often people may assist others" - again a complete falsehood. That IS NOT the issue here. I would like to know your source on this. This is a direct deflection created by Frank Philips, Tarrant County Elections administrator and Glen Whitley. Utter nonsense once again. What knowledge does your "source" have of the investigation? What has been their role in it? Please do explain what authority they speak from.

The rest of the article is largely based upon these mythical assumptions. Very poor reporting, very disappointed once again in the FWST. These types of things must be intentional because I simple phone call would have corrected them, yet no such call was ever made.

Monday, October 17, 2016


No, they aren't referring to the Billion Dollar Boondoogle in Fort Worth, also known as Trinty River Vision or Central City or Pather Islandless Island.  This is actually incoming from Arlington, from the Save Our Stadium group.  Be informed!  Don't be bought, it will cost YOU!

We noticed this picture being shared across Facebook, and we were touched that neighborhoods are taking a stand against the ballpark deal. Here's the incredible backstory:

According to one of our volunteers, that painted fence is in a neighborhood on the south side of town. There are several neighbors with signs, but they don't have enough! Neighbors started sharing their signs....and then this appeared on one neighbor's fence after his yard sign disappeared.

Don't worry, friends! We're expecting more signs in the next few days. We'll pay a special visit to this neighborhood!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Attention Fort Worth Developers!

It's your turn!

If the council decides to have developers pay the full amount, that would be 660 percent increase over what they pay now.

WHY, you ask?

The amount developers pay is 50 percent of what the full cost was determined to be at that time, or $1,842. But that cost didn’t include money that the Trinity River Water District and the Trinity River Authority charge Fort Worth for its portion of some projects, including the $2.3 billion Integrated Pipeline Project, which will bring water to the city from East Texas to ensure future supply.

The figure also doesn’t include interest on debt on Fort Worth’s portion of those projects. Under state law, both of those costs are allowed to be included in calculating the impact fee. Water Director John Carman wants those costs, reaching into the millions of dollars, figured in this time around.

We'd go on but we've been doing that for years and you weren't listening.

You can read the rest for yourself in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, then show up and ask YOUR council how that happened.  We are sure they'd love to hear from you.

Developers could pay 660 percent more if Fort Worth raises water impact fees

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Today's daily insanity - Fort Worth style

Remember just a few short years ago when Cabela's was coming to Fort Worth?

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (and their food critic) took a break from their full on propaganda spewing about how the Trinity River Central City Uptown Riverside Panther Island something or other Vision was the best thing since sliced bread to spew that Cabela's coming to town was the best thing since sliced bread?

That is if being the top tourist attraction in Texas is the best thing since sliced bread.

Apparently the Star-Telegram has institutional amnesia.

We saw no mention of the Star-Telegram claims that Cabela's would become the "Number 1 tourist attraction in Texas".

How much were the abatements again that Fort Worth gave Cabela's to come to town?

Who all rode in that helicopter ride to look at the patch of dirt which was to become #1?

Was it a lawsuit or an ethics complaint made by citizens concerning the sucking of more tax dollars for another sham?  You'll have to remind us, as we couldn't find that info in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram either.

As usual, Durango does better reporting in a blog post titled Did Fort Worth Ever Get Payback For Being A Sucker For Cabela's Con Job?  Someone hire this guy would ya? He doesn't eat much.

Bass Pro to buy rival Cabela’s in $5.5 billion deal

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Well, we're waiting

Durango ain't the only one who wants to know.

How about it Star-Telegram?

Do you have any actual journalists still in your employ who might look into what's up with The Boondoggle's bridges?

Captain Andy Reports Fort Worth Boondoggle's Bridge Construction Still A Ghost Town

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How dumb can some people be?

Wait, don't answer that.

Nowhere in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram article (probably the bill itself either) did we see that part of the reason Kay Granger wants to keep Trinity River Vision funding in the bill is to keep her son employed.

And isn't the Trinity River Vision, formerly known as Trinity Uptown, Central City, blah, blah, now called the Panther Island District?

With an East Island, West Island and a Houseboat District?

Let's see, TRV Boondoggle vs. Flint, Michigan water crisis.  These shouldn't even be in the same ballpark, let alone the same bill.  We're curious as to how our frequent Washington blog visitor sleeps at night.

Flood control my Fat Aunt Fanny.

And a special welcome, Rep Veasey.  We look forward to your next election!

Democrats threatened to hold up the spending bill if funding to resolve the Flint, Mich., drinking water crisis wasn’t somehow provided. Republicans agreed to let Flint funding be considered in the water bill.

The local funding appeared at risk earlier in the week because Rep. Pete DeFazio, D-Ore., was upset that a provision impacting a harbor maintenance trust fund was removed. So he asked for an amendment to cut the Army Corps of Engineers funding for the TRV because the project included recreation facilities.

This $526 million of federal funds is a key part of fully funding and completing the project. Critics maintain this project is not about flood control, but about economic development.

Fort Worth lawmakers working to protect Trinity River Vision funding

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stay Tuned Texas

'Organized attempts to steal entire elections' ...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

WHAT do they really do??

Many of the County Commissioners have been county commissioners here since some of you were born.  The numbers read like the Tarrant Regional Water Board members history… that should be your first clue that we need new blood.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram food critic wrote another political column, this one about the commissioners and some of their current messes.  Like the tax office (the chief of TAD blames the people “too many protests filed” – you can’t make this up), infant death rates (sad, this isn’t a third world country), 911 text option (it’s been going to happen for years) and refugees ($6 million dollar issue).

Nowhere on there did we see anything discussed about the investigation at the Tarrant County elections office.  That’s strange since Commissioner Whitley really wanted to discuss it Monday night at a meeting in NE Tarrant county.  We had many follow up questions for him, but he left, abruptly.  If you see him out and about please ask him about the investigation.  Him or the food critic.
Inquiring minds want to know.

Time goes by, but not much gets fixed for Tarrant commisioners

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stop the Fort Worth Way

Here's a brief history of the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

If you believe, as I do, that the Gardens should remain free to the public, as they have been since their beginning, contact your member of the Fort Worth City Council now and speak up for the Gardens.

The Botanic Garden was built as part of a federal employment program in the 1930s.  They belong to all of us, not just to those who can afford an entrance fee.

We can afford to continue their upkeep and keep them free to the public.

The Gardens bind us together as citizens of Fort Worth.

Let's keep them free to all the citizens all the time.  It's the right thing to do.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You mean he's not the Boogeyman?!

The former Fort Worth Weekly Editor, Gayle Reaves,  (who holds many other and more prestigious titles and awards) did an excellent piece on the "infamous" Monty Bennett. 

Unlike the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, this story was done AFTER actually speaking to Mr. Bennett.  Journalism. 

What a concept. 

Of course, this story had to be told in Dallas where Fort Worth can't control the narrative. 

Hats off to Monty Bennett, carry on, sir.

“I don’t understand why a corrupt government agency that is trying to put a pipeline of questionable value through my land should be unstoppable,” Bennett says. “Where is that written? I refuse to take it as a given.”

In his research, Bennett found allies in a diverse group of critics of the water district, people with questions about flood control measures, objections to the Trinity River Vision project in Fort Worth, or objections to other land condemnations for the pipeline. The critics all charge the agency with arrogance, a lack of transparency, and cronyism. Their issues have become Bennett’s as well.

Charles Crook has never met Bennett, but he calls him “basically my hero. He’s the one who showed that these guys can be fought.”

A Gentleman Rancher’s Guide to Fighting Tarrant Regional Water District

Thursday, September 1, 2016

While Tarrant County burns, Arlington Fiddles...

Does this sound at all familiar to you long time Trinity River Vision, Stockyards or TexRail followers?  Seriously, how many boondoggles can one county have?

Keep the Rangers PAC Balks at Public Debate

# # # # # # # For Immediate Release # # # # # # #

8/31/16 Arlington, TX - Citizens for a Better Arlington is disappointed to learn that the "Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes" campaign has refused a significant opportunity for a debate and is choosing to keep undecided Arlington voters in the dark.

Recently, Citizens for a Better Arlington's “Save our Stadium, Vote No” campaign and the “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” campaign were invited to a local forum. “Save our Stadium” accepted and then learned that “Keep the Rangers” refused to participate unless they were able to approve the “Save our Stadium, Vote No” speaker and unless there was a promise of no recording the event. The “Save our Stadium” campaign agreed to participate in the forum anyway, despite the uneven playing field.

A few weeks ago, Citizens for a Better Arlington President, Faith Bussey, asked Mayor Jeff Williams where citizens could find answers to their questions about the stadium proposal or to hear both sides of the issue. Mayor Williams responded that he would give her a list. As of this press release, Citizens for a Better Arlington has not received this information. The “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” Facebook page continues to ban and block citizens who question the campaign's narrative. To date, Mayor and City Council, who are almost all board members for the Yes PAC, have not offered a single opportunity for Arlington citizens to hear both sides of the issue. The Vote Yes campaign, including the Mayor and City Council members, meet only with constituents who support the deal, sideline citizens with questions as "naysayers," and refuse legitimate opportunities to be transparent with citizens or offer concrete answers to the taxpayers of Arlington.

In an effort to increase transparency and to offer more voters an opportunity to hear both sides, Arlington Voice owner/editor, Zack Maxwell, suggested a debate moderated by well-known political professor, Dr. Allen Saxe. “Save our Stadium, Vote No” gladly agreed to the debate. However, the “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” campaign refused to debate our spokesperson, Warren Norred. “Save our Stadium” agreed to change speakers, but ultimately the “Keep the Rangers” campaign refused the offer to debate. Does the “Keep the Rangers” campaign not believe voters deserve a fair and balanced debate?

Citizens for a Better Arlington issues a challenge for a formal debate to Mayor Williams, the entire City Council, and anyone associated with the “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” campaign. Citizens for a Better Arlington will choose the speaker for the “Save our Stadium, Vote No” campaign, and the “Keep the Rangers” campaign will choose their speaker. Recording will not be restricted. Date, time, and location will be announced publicly as well as formally to the Mayor, City Council, and to the Keep the Rangers campaign. Give the citizens of Arlington honest, straightforward answers, from both sides of the issue, and let the voters decide if this stadium is best for our city.

#NoFoulDeals #VoteNo #Transparency #DebateAlready

Tarrant County crumbles...

Not only is there an investigation going on over at the Tarrant County Elections office, now the problem plaqued Tax Assessor's office is proven to be a mess as well.  Everyone knows both are a mess, but someone has apparently flipped on the lights in Tarrant County.  It's about damn time.

You can read it all in that "news" paper here.

The only way officials can find the money to process these refunds is to stop planned tax payments to all entities in the county — cities, school districts and even the county — according to a letter recently sent out by Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector Ron Wright.

County officials chalk the problems up to the Tarrant Appraisal District’s software problems, which were criticized by state officials in recent months.

TAD officials have been criticized about a variety of issues, but most recently were grilled in April by a panel of state lawmakers about software problems that left millions of dollars in property off the books last year.

Law apologized for problems related to a software conversion at TAD that went into effect in 2014.

He has been questioned about everything from a a contentious protest deadline to a lawsuit that limited the amount of appraisal data available to the public — and general failures of the appraisal software.

Some officials have said TADs software simply “doesn’t work” and that TAD’s system is “adversarial to the public.”

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why isn't the Star-Telegram Covering the Tarrant Regional Watergate District Scandal?

Durango wonders if the TRWD election fraud Watergate type cover up scandal is starting to unravel---

Is The TRWD-Gate Scandal About To Blow Wide Open?

Could we possibly get the Washington Post to cover Tarrant County and send in Bernstein and Woodward to investigate Tarrant County Electoral Fraud?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Attorney General’s Office Investigating Voter Fraud in Tarrant County

It’s about damn time.

Phillips admitted that his office, which is charged with election oversight, had noticed abnormalities related to mail-in ballots but decided not to take action, since no formal complaint had been filed.

Phillips also admitted they were aware of at least one individual who has assisted an untold number of voters in completing ballot by mail applications. The very same process that he previously admitted is the most likely place for voter fraud to occur.

AG Investigating Voting Abnormalities in Tarrant County Elections

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Don't let the door hit ya...

Remember when they owned everything here? Even Santa?

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye.

Chesapeake Energy exits the Barnett Shale with a whimper

Pissed off about taxes? Be heard tonight!

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court - led by County Judge Glen Whitley - is proposing a combined 8.2% property tax increase for Tarrant County and JPS Hospital. Commissioner Andy Nguyen has questioned the need to raise property taxes on existing residents, but citizen input has been minimal.

Tonight, the county is hosting a public townhall in Arlington to get your feedback.

Aside from the required public hearings, this will be the only townhall for you to make your voice heard!

Citizen Townhall
When: Thursday, August 11th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Where: Sub-Courthouse (1st Floor Conference Room)
Address: 700 E. Abram Street, Arlington, Texas 76010

Rising appraisals across Tarrant County’s existing tax base mean county officials must lower tax rates enough to prevent an overall tax increase. Tarrant County Tax Assessor Ron Wright has explained this dynamic in public statements.

To prevent a tax increase for the average taxpayer, the county must adopt the “effective” tax rate (or lower) for both the county and JPS hospital, which it also oversees. Below are the effective rates.

Tarrant County
Current Rate: $0.264
Proposed Rate: $0.254 (will result in 2.2% tax increase on existing tax base, excluding new properties)
Effective Rate: $0.248466

Tarrant County Hospital District / JPS  
Current Rate: $0.227897
Proposed Rate: $0.227897 (will result in 6% tax increase on existing tax base, excluding new properties)
Effective Rate: $0.214995

Don’t be misled by common property tax myths.

Adopting the effective tax rate will not result in budget cuts, service reductions, or layoffs. Nor will it hurt the ability of either government to repay debt. Debt is repaid with separate funds.

Remember - even with lower tax rates - both entities with still collect more tax revenue than last year, due to new taxpayers added to the tax rolls caused by population growth and new economic development.

“Growth” is not an excuse to raise tax burdens on the existing base, simply because the property of long-time residents and businesses rose in value.

We invite you to share this important message with your family and friends in Tarrant County! And thanks for all you do to limit government and advance liberty in Texas!

Nice try Star Telegram

Some might think you are as dirty as the river....

Monday, August 8, 2016

Is Arlington the new Fort Worth?

Seems not everyone was invited to the event today, even though the flier doesn't say that.  Dozens of people complaining they are blocked from the Facebook and several videos online today from people who were not allowed in.

We hear some of those will be on Channel 8 tonight. You Arlington peeps might want to pay attention, in case you're ever banned from an event because you have a different opinion on how your money is spent.

On the newscast at 10, you'll learn that a local activist has filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission (yes, it does exist, and no, it doesn't much help) concerning this 'Keep the Rangers' group nonsense (think Trinity River Vision 'Panther Island' BS)    Seems the Rangers are here one way or another for 8 years, so what exactly does 'Keep the Rangers' mean? If it means keep the Rangers in a paid for stadium everybody loves, sign us up.

The other complaint to the TEC concerns this PAC -political action committee, Keep the Rangers, claiming taxes won't increase. If you buy that, we got a nasty river upstream to sell you.

They want a billion for it too.

Keep the Rangers censors, threatens opposition; sics police on AV reporter

Thursday, August 4, 2016

That ain't all they are going to flood...

The Fox 4 "news" story on Fort Worth's biggest boondoggle is too good to pass up.

Development phase begins for new Fort Worth entertainment district

WHY does a project of this size and length (well over 10 years, with nothing to show) change its name?  When people only associate your name with bad things...

This line is priceless "To create the lake, developers will flood what people now know as the Panther Island Pavilion."

Of course FW council voted unanimously to approve, it's what they do with TRV.

And when they tell you WHO is paying for the Billion Dollar Boondoggle, you do know they mean you, right?? Pay attention, it's costing you a billion not to.

The entire project totals more than $900 million. The cost is split. Half of it will be paid for locally by the city, Tarrant County, the Tarrant Regional Water District and Public Subsidies. The other half will be paid federally by TXDOT and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We preferred Channel 8's take on it.  They showed an old TRV/Panther Island rendering and John McCaa said, "This is what the river could, COULD look like someday in Fort Worth".

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arlington makes us laugh

Snarky GoFundMe campaign has raised $5 of its $500 million goal for new Texas Rangers stadium.

From the MLB Texas Rangers Roof GoFundMe page (spelling left uncorrected)....

A citizen of Arlington, TX. Trying to raise money for the Texas Rangers' owners.  The money will build a new stadium with a ROOF because according to them it's become TOO hot to play baseball in Texas.  Funds are needed by Novemeber 1, 2016. The citizens of Arlington would be very greatful if you would help pay for this.  We, the citizens, have been paying and additional 1/2 % sales tax for 22 years building stadiums for the Rangers and the Cowboys.  We are tired of footing the bill!  Our additional tax will be removed in a few years as long as we don't build yet ANOTHER stadium.  The citizens would then be able to save roughly $200 to $500 a year PER citizen (rough estimate) if we did not have to pay this additional tax which we have been paying for 22 years.  It's time for the citizens to get a break!

I, and most of my fellow citizens, would deeply appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Thank you for considering a donation!
Help spread the word!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back to school in Fort Worth

Where are all those folks who were wanting to keep our kids safe?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Next stop, Tarrant County?

More voter issues in Texas. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas.

Up to 1,700 votes unaccounted for in close Texas House primary race

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flushing out the Trinity River

Durango's reality based take on Fort Worth Star-Telegram propaganda about getting wet Rockin' in the Trinity River....

Polluted Public River Floating Is One Of Fort Worth's Great Imaginary Success Stories

It's Not Just Dust!

Please help get the City of Fort Worth's attention.

Please Sign the Petition

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dallas Texas

Friday, July 1, 2016

How stupid do they think you are?

Apparently, very.

It's like watching a train wreck.

Remember when they set Fort Worth on fire with the Fourth of July fireworks?

Or how about Slide the City where people were passing out and being injured?

Or what about when they cancelled Rockin the River because testing showed the levels of crap in the water was off the charts?

(Thank you, Mary Kelleher for pushing for testing).

Then, they decided the testing was wrong...

Are the people who tested it this time the same folks? Cause just a couple of days ago, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said the following about those folks-

In their haste to get rid of the odor caused by a sewage spill a week ago along Mary’s Creek, Fort Worth Water Department workers inadvertently used a disinfectant they shouldn’t have and killed nearly 3,200 fish in the waterway, the department disclosed Wednesday.

“City staff takes full responsibility for their actions and this incident,” Water Systems Superintendent Bill Lundvall said.

What exactly does taking 'full responsibility' mean?

Water Department officials say a 40-foot section of pipe collapsed because the creek bed was eroded by heavy rains and flooding this year. The pipe at one time was buried, but at the time of the collapse had nothing holding it up. Workers also discovered a 28-foot section missing downstream, but no sewage was discharged from it.

They cancelled floating today and the Fort Worth Fourth float may be cancelled too. Not the fireworks, just the feces part.

Remember, all of it's free.  The concerts, the fireworks, all 'free'...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rocking the River

We just received this from someone with a clue in Fort Worth.

Panther Island's Clean Swimmin', Dirty Livin-

So for all the Panther Island fans who want to go inner tubing and kayaking in the Trinity River by the old power plant......a broken Fort Worth sewer line was dumping 300 gal per min of sewage into Marys Creek which is at Winscott Rd and West Vickery, and the creek then feeds into the (not so Clear) Clear Fork of the Trinity River and eventually into the Trinity downtown.

Enjoy Panther Island Pavilion this weekend, get a nice Staph infection, a little Hep-C, or bitten by an alligator as your buddies mayor Bicycle Betsy, Congresswoman Granger, the Tarrant Water District Board, Charlie Geren, the Trinity River Vision Project (headed by baby Granger), all need your sacrificed safety playing in this nasty river for the personal enrichment of their and their crony capitalist friends bank accounts.

The Mayor says she is trying to help reduce childhood obesity in Fort Worth, I guess killing people off in the River is a way to get there?

"Marge, something just bumped into my foot? Was that an alligator?"

"Nope.....just a sanitary napkin? Our child however is on the contaminated Power Plant bank petting the nice 13 ft long alligator"

"Gee Marge.....this River is sure swell."

"Rob, I think you meant 'this River is sewage' ."   Haha :-D

Btw - Kinda funny that the local media "lapdogs" uh I mean watch dogs didn't ask the question "When was the first call reported about the sewer line breaking? How can you ensure that this spill won't enter the River?"

They reported that an estimated 105,000 gallons were spilled at a rate of 300 gallons per minute (18,000 gallons an hour), which would mean that in 5.8 hours the water department was notified, responded immediately, shut it off, somehow dammed the creek to prevent it going into the Trinity in a heavily wooded and rocky creek area swollen by recent rains.

Sure they did, everything is OoooKAY.

The ONE and MOST IMPORTANT thing a journalist could do in this day and age would be to hold government officials accountable for the health and well being of the people that they serve, and the media time and again prove that they are too dumb, corrupt, or lazy to keep the public informed in an intelligent and honest way.

Just makes you sick.....kinda like the water in the Trinity River.

Sewer Line Break Sends Raw Sewage Into Fort Worth Creek

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's that time of year again!

Dysentery, alligators, fecal matter and brain eating amoeba's.  Yep, you guess it, it's time for Rockin' The River on the Trinity River on Panther Island's Island-less island.  But don't worry kiddo's, "it's your drinking water" so it's all good.  Yeah, we choked a little too.

The comments speak for themselves.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fort Worth Ways...

You've heard us say it before.  There are some in Fort Worth, though, who believe the Fort Worth Way to still be a good thing.  They haven't had the experience most have had with the Fort Worth Way.

That seems to be changing.  A group is forming and they aren't happy with Betsy.  So they took to writing an Open Letter to Mayor Price.  We don't expect they will hear anything back.  That's the Fort Worth way we're accustomed to anyway.

Stand For Fort Worth is unhappy mostly about the transgender restroom issue, though they do state - "We care about the safety and well-being of all students – including transgender students." which we were glad to see, otherwise we'd have quit reading already.  We have a feeling this group is just starting to see the light in Fort Worth.

The rumors on WHO wrote the letter continue to grow.  So does the disillusionment with the 7th Street Gang and their relatives.

We do want to point out a couple of items that made us chuckle.  One specifically talks about Mayor Price not liking mixing Dallas and Fort Worth business.  Didn't she take her election business to Dallas?  Hiring a Campaign Manager from Big D instead of Little F?

Those of you familiar with how the city works if you aren't in the club, will get a kick out of  items such as "ignoring the public will, isn't the Fort Worth Way".   Those of you who've been playing along over the years and have personally witnessed the Fort Worth Way will be surprised at some of the complaints "not being the Fort Worth Way".

To the rest of you, welcome aboard.  

Friday, June 10, 2016


Why is no local 'news' outlet covering this story? Why is an average citizen (not that Mary Kelleher is anywhere near average) having to uncover this?

Why are the laws only enforced for regular folk?

Hold your elected officials accountable.

Remember there's a big election in Fort Worth come May.  And don't buy ads from 'news' outlets who are scared to report the news.

Fort Worth: Got Permits?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Houston, you ain't the only one with a problem...

You could pretty much substitute Dallas, Fort Worth or any other major Texas city and have the same story.   Remember that old line we've used at least a thousand times, Nothing was ever done, it just got worse.

Some of you might want to start paying attention. You really can't afford not to.

Kudos to Kriston Capps for pointing out the obvious.  If our elected officials know it's an issue and do nothing, WHO is holding them accountable?

In Texas, Toll Roads or Flood Preparedness?

Almost a year ago to the date, CityLab reported on the worst flooding to hit Central Texas in 30 years (whomping Austin and San Antonio, but also reaching Houston). A year later, the Brazos River is now surging to its highest water mark in more than a century, promising even more flooding in Houston, just weeks after the last severe storms and deadly floods saturated the area.

Texas needs to start taking flood management at least as seriously as it takes highway construction (and it needs to stop spending so much on sprawl-enabling highways). It is too late to unroll the Grand Parkway and other initiatives that have taken precedence over flood management in the Lone Star State. But it isn’t too late for Texas to take storms seriously. They will keep coming.

Develop a statewide flood infrastructure plan, already!

Texas got dinged by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2013. The group gave the state a “D” for flood control as part of its infrastructure report cards (a program the ASCE should resume). Texas lacks a statewide floodplain management plan, and does not participate (as a state) in the National Flood Insurance Program, despite the fact that Texas typically leads the nation in terms of dollars paid out for flood claims.

The state’s failure to take precautions is costly in both blood and treasure.Eight people were found dead in Houston after April’s historic floods, which caused more than $5 billion in damage and flooded more than 1,000 homes. Frankly, the U.S. deserves a national strategic framework for destructive floods. But at a bare minimum, Texas needs to get in the game.   

“By allowing so many wetlands to be turned into subdivisions, we're not just kicking them to the curb; we're turning them into curbs,” writes Jennifer Lorenz, the former executive director of the Bayou Land Conservancy.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Another one

Another city, another fed up resident starts a website, then ends up Mayor.


“That shows the ignorance of my government leadership and should be wholly frightening to every citizen in Lake Dallas. It was a witch hunt.”

Backstabbing, Bullying and Betrayal: Just More Local Politics in Lake Dallas

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's all about WHO you know

Did your taxes go up? Maybe you should run for the job...

Dallas is apparently as bad as Tarrant County.

Dallas County tax assessor’s property taxes go down due to house fire