Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fort Worth Ways...

You've heard us say it before.  There are some in Fort Worth, though, who believe the Fort Worth Way to still be a good thing.  They haven't had the experience most have had with the Fort Worth Way.

That seems to be changing.  A group is forming and they aren't happy with Betsy.  So they took to writing an Open Letter to Mayor Price.  We don't expect they will hear anything back.  That's the Fort Worth way we're accustomed to anyway.

Stand For Fort Worth is unhappy mostly about the transgender restroom issue, though they do state - "We care about the safety and well-being of all students – including transgender students." which we were glad to see, otherwise we'd have quit reading already.  We have a feeling this group is just starting to see the light in Fort Worth.

The rumors on WHO wrote the letter continue to grow.  So does the disillusionment with the 7th Street Gang and their relatives.

We do want to point out a couple of items that made us chuckle.  One specifically talks about Mayor Price not liking mixing Dallas and Fort Worth business.  Didn't she take her election business to Dallas?  Hiring a Campaign Manager from Big D instead of Little F?

Those of you familiar with how the city works if you aren't in the club, will get a kick out of  items such as "ignoring the public will, isn't the Fort Worth Way".   Those of you who've been playing along over the years and have personally witnessed the Fort Worth Way will be surprised at some of the complaints "not being the Fort Worth Way".

To the rest of you, welcome aboard.  

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Anonymous said...

I had a LOT if chuckles on things that we supposedly don't do because they aren't the "Fort Worth Way." Apparently these folks haven't been paying attention because the issues that have come up in the past aren't near and dear to their hearts. For anyone who has been paying attention it's all business as usual.