Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rocking the River

We just received this from someone with a clue in Fort Worth.

Panther Island's Clean Swimmin', Dirty Livin-

So for all the Panther Island fans who want to go inner tubing and kayaking in the Trinity River by the old power plant......a broken Fort Worth sewer line was dumping 300 gal per min of sewage into Marys Creek which is at Winscott Rd and West Vickery, and the creek then feeds into the (not so Clear) Clear Fork of the Trinity River and eventually into the Trinity downtown.

Enjoy Panther Island Pavilion this weekend, get a nice Staph infection, a little Hep-C, or bitten by an alligator as your buddies mayor Bicycle Betsy, Congresswoman Granger, the Tarrant Water District Board, Charlie Geren, the Trinity River Vision Project (headed by baby Granger), all need your sacrificed safety playing in this nasty river for the personal enrichment of their and their crony capitalist friends bank accounts.

The Mayor says she is trying to help reduce childhood obesity in Fort Worth, I guess killing people off in the River is a way to get there?

"Marge, something just bumped into my foot? Was that an alligator?"

"Nope.....just a sanitary napkin? Our child however is on the contaminated Power Plant bank petting the nice 13 ft long alligator"

"Gee Marge.....this River is sure swell."

"Rob, I think you meant 'this River is sewage' ."   Haha :-D

Btw - Kinda funny that the local media "lapdogs" uh I mean watch dogs didn't ask the question "When was the first call reported about the sewer line breaking? How can you ensure that this spill won't enter the River?"

They reported that an estimated 105,000 gallons were spilled at a rate of 300 gallons per minute (18,000 gallons an hour), which would mean that in 5.8 hours the water department was notified, responded immediately, shut it off, somehow dammed the creek to prevent it going into the Trinity in a heavily wooded and rocky creek area swollen by recent rains.

Sure they did, everything is OoooKAY.

The ONE and MOST IMPORTANT thing a journalist could do in this day and age would be to hold government officials accountable for the health and well being of the people that they serve, and the media time and again prove that they are too dumb, corrupt, or lazy to keep the public informed in an intelligent and honest way.

Just makes you sick.....kinda like the water in the Trinity River.

Sewer Line Break Sends Raw Sewage Into Fort Worth Creek

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