Friday, July 1, 2016

How stupid do they think you are?

Apparently, very.

It's like watching a train wreck.

Remember when they set Fort Worth on fire with the Fourth of July fireworks?

Or how about Slide the City where people were passing out and being injured?

Or what about when they cancelled Rockin the River because testing showed the levels of crap in the water was off the charts?

(Thank you, Mary Kelleher for pushing for testing).

Then, they decided the testing was wrong...

Are the people who tested it this time the same folks? Cause just a couple of days ago, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said the following about those folks-

In their haste to get rid of the odor caused by a sewage spill a week ago along Mary’s Creek, Fort Worth Water Department workers inadvertently used a disinfectant they shouldn’t have and killed nearly 3,200 fish in the waterway, the department disclosed Wednesday.

“City staff takes full responsibility for their actions and this incident,” Water Systems Superintendent Bill Lundvall said.

What exactly does taking 'full responsibility' mean?

Water Department officials say a 40-foot section of pipe collapsed because the creek bed was eroded by heavy rains and flooding this year. The pipe at one time was buried, but at the time of the collapse had nothing holding it up. Workers also discovered a 28-foot section missing downstream, but no sewage was discharged from it.

They cancelled floating today and the Fort Worth Fourth float may be cancelled too. Not the fireworks, just the feces part.

Remember, all of it's free.  The concerts, the fireworks, all 'free'...

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Anonymous said...

"Full responsibility" means "gets an increased budget"...