Friday, October 21, 2016

“One of the worst public projects anyone could imagine..."

No, not the Billion Dollar Boondoggle Trinity River Vision Central City Panther Island…though it ranks right on up there.  This quote came from an economist on the Arlington stadium deal. Not the mayor, or hired hands for the park.

If you want to know just how bad YOU are getting screwed, Arlington, read the report on with many links to the story.  These 100 year ballparks are almost as common as the 100 year floods around here.

Just 22 years ago, Major League Baseball (MLB)'s Texas Rangers opened what was then called The Ballpark in Arlington. Now known as Globe Life Park, the "monument to baseball"—as then-Rangers owner George W. Bush called it—was touted during its opening season as a jewel of a retro stadium that could become one of baseball's eternal parks, like Chicago's Wrigley Field or Boston's Fenway Park, and last 100 years.

Texas Rangers' Proposed Stadium Deal Is Yet Another Loser For Taxpayers

Thursday, October 20, 2016


WANTED - Vote Thieves in Tarrant County!

If you have info, call Direct Action Texas today!  (817) 893-8502
There might be $5,000 in it for you!

A note to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Monday night all hell broke lose at a meeting in Fort Worth. Direct Action Texas provided proof of the voter fraud that has been taking place for decades in Tarrant County.  This meeting forced the media to finally admit that Tarrant County Elections were being investigated by the Attorney General's office.  So, what's the problem you ask? 

You know the answer, the local media.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had a reporter front and center for the meeting Monday.  (So did the Fort Worth Weekly and CBS 11.  Channel 8 showed up for some footage.)  Sounds like the follow up article left a lot to be desired.  We know that's shocking to all.  Below is the meeting presenter's (Aaron Harris) response to the reporter and a link to the story.

Anna - I general find your reporting to be fair but there is so much in this piece which is simply not true, I'm very disappointed. A simple phone call could have cleared these facts up. I made it clear last week that after Monday night's presentation I'd be willing to talk more.

Let us address several of the statements in this article which are false or bizarre: "the ongoing investigation, and Harris’s separate complaints" - separate? Who separated them? If not my complaints, then what triggered the investigation? what is your source for that statement?

Next - I love how you use presidential election stats...completely irrelevant. These activities are in primaries and municipal races, I've made that clear. Is this an intentional deflection?

Next: "an issue with mail-in ballots from the primary election earlier this year." -- what is their source on this? What direct knowledge does your source have of the investigation. This statement is factually incorrect. Utter nonsense. Accuracy matters right?

Next: "At issue is how often people may assist others" - again a complete falsehood. That IS NOT the issue here. I would like to know your source on this. This is a direct deflection created by Frank Philips, Tarrant County Elections administrator and Glen Whitley. Utter nonsense once again. What knowledge does your "source" have of the investigation? What has been their role in it? Please do explain what authority they speak from.

The rest of the article is largely based upon these mythical assumptions. Very poor reporting, very disappointed once again in the FWST. These types of things must be intentional because I simple phone call would have corrected them, yet no such call was ever made.

Monday, October 17, 2016


No, they aren't referring to the Billion Dollar Boondoogle in Fort Worth, also known as Trinty River Vision or Central City or Pather Islandless Island.  This is actually incoming from Arlington, from the Save Our Stadium group.  Be informed!  Don't be bought, it will cost YOU!

We noticed this picture being shared across Facebook, and we were touched that neighborhoods are taking a stand against the ballpark deal. Here's the incredible backstory:

According to one of our volunteers, that painted fence is in a neighborhood on the south side of town. There are several neighbors with signs, but they don't have enough! Neighbors started sharing their signs....and then this appeared on one neighbor's fence after his yard sign disappeared.

Don't worry, friends! We're expecting more signs in the next few days. We'll pay a special visit to this neighborhood!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Attention Fort Worth Developers!

It's your turn!

If the council decides to have developers pay the full amount, that would be 660 percent increase over what they pay now.

WHY, you ask?

The amount developers pay is 50 percent of what the full cost was determined to be at that time, or $1,842. But that cost didn’t include money that the Trinity River Water District and the Trinity River Authority charge Fort Worth for its portion of some projects, including the $2.3 billion Integrated Pipeline Project, which will bring water to the city from East Texas to ensure future supply.

The figure also doesn’t include interest on debt on Fort Worth’s portion of those projects. Under state law, both of those costs are allowed to be included in calculating the impact fee. Water Director John Carman wants those costs, reaching into the millions of dollars, figured in this time around.

We'd go on but we've been doing that for years and you weren't listening.

You can read the rest for yourself in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, then show up and ask YOUR council how that happened.  We are sure they'd love to hear from you.

Developers could pay 660 percent more if Fort Worth raises water impact fees

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Today's daily insanity - Fort Worth style

Remember just a few short years ago when Cabela's was coming to Fort Worth?

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (and their food critic) took a break from their full on propaganda spewing about how the Trinity River Central City Uptown Riverside Panther Island something or other Vision was the best thing since sliced bread to spew that Cabela's coming to town was the best thing since sliced bread?

That is if being the top tourist attraction in Texas is the best thing since sliced bread.

Apparently the Star-Telegram has institutional amnesia.

We saw no mention of the Star-Telegram claims that Cabela's would become the "Number 1 tourist attraction in Texas".

How much were the abatements again that Fort Worth gave Cabela's to come to town?

Who all rode in that helicopter ride to look at the patch of dirt which was to become #1?

Was it a lawsuit or an ethics complaint made by citizens concerning the sucking of more tax dollars for another sham?  You'll have to remind us, as we couldn't find that info in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram either.

As usual, Durango does better reporting in a blog post titled Did Fort Worth Ever Get Payback For Being A Sucker For Cabela's Con Job?  Someone hire this guy would ya? He doesn't eat much.

Bass Pro to buy rival Cabela’s in $5.5 billion deal

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Well, we're waiting

Durango ain't the only one who wants to know.

How about it Star-Telegram?

Do you have any actual journalists still in your employ who might look into what's up with The Boondoggle's bridges?

Captain Andy Reports Fort Worth Boondoggle's Bridge Construction Still A Ghost Town