Thursday, October 20, 2016

A note to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Monday night all hell broke lose at a meeting in Fort Worth. Direct Action Texas provided proof of the voter fraud that has been taking place for decades in Tarrant County.  This meeting forced the media to finally admit that Tarrant County Elections were being investigated by the Attorney General's office.  So, what's the problem you ask? 

You know the answer, the local media.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had a reporter front and center for the meeting Monday.  (So did the Fort Worth Weekly and CBS 11.  Channel 8 showed up for some footage.)  Sounds like the follow up article left a lot to be desired.  We know that's shocking to all.  Below is the meeting presenter's (Aaron Harris) response to the reporter and a link to the story.

Anna - I general find your reporting to be fair but there is so much in this piece which is simply not true, I'm very disappointed. A simple phone call could have cleared these facts up. I made it clear last week that after Monday night's presentation I'd be willing to talk more.

Let us address several of the statements in this article which are false or bizarre: "the ongoing investigation, and Harris’s separate complaints" - separate? Who separated them? If not my complaints, then what triggered the investigation? what is your source for that statement?

Next - I love how you use presidential election stats...completely irrelevant. These activities are in primaries and municipal races, I've made that clear. Is this an intentional deflection?

Next: "an issue with mail-in ballots from the primary election earlier this year." -- what is their source on this? What direct knowledge does your source have of the investigation. This statement is factually incorrect. Utter nonsense. Accuracy matters right?

Next: "At issue is how often people may assist others" - again a complete falsehood. That IS NOT the issue here. I would like to know your source on this. This is a direct deflection created by Frank Philips, Tarrant County Elections administrator and Glen Whitley. Utter nonsense once again. What knowledge does your "source" have of the investigation? What has been their role in it? Please do explain what authority they speak from.

The rest of the article is largely based upon these mythical assumptions. Very poor reporting, very disappointed once again in the FWST. These types of things must be intentional because I simple phone call would have corrected them, yet no such call was ever made.

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