Monday, October 17, 2016


No, they aren't referring to the Billion Dollar Boondoogle in Fort Worth, also known as Trinty River Vision or Central City or Pather Islandless Island.  This is actually incoming from Arlington, from the Save Our Stadium group.  Be informed!  Don't be bought, it will cost YOU!

We noticed this picture being shared across Facebook, and we were touched that neighborhoods are taking a stand against the ballpark deal. Here's the incredible backstory:

According to one of our volunteers, that painted fence is in a neighborhood on the south side of town. There are several neighbors with signs, but they don't have enough! Neighbors started sharing their signs....and then this appeared on one neighbor's fence after his yard sign disappeared.

Don't worry, friends! We're expecting more signs in the next few days. We'll pay a special visit to this neighborhood!

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