Friday, October 14, 2016

Attention Fort Worth Developers!

It's your turn!

If the council decides to have developers pay the full amount, that would be 660 percent increase over what they pay now.

WHY, you ask?

The amount developers pay is 50 percent of what the full cost was determined to be at that time, or $1,842. But that cost didn’t include money that the Trinity River Water District and the Trinity River Authority charge Fort Worth for its portion of some projects, including the $2.3 billion Integrated Pipeline Project, which will bring water to the city from East Texas to ensure future supply.

The figure also doesn’t include interest on debt on Fort Worth’s portion of those projects. Under state law, both of those costs are allowed to be included in calculating the impact fee. Water Director John Carman wants those costs, reaching into the millions of dollars, figured in this time around.

We'd go on but we've been doing that for years and you weren't listening.

You can read the rest for yourself in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, then show up and ask YOUR council how that happened.  We are sure they'd love to hear from you.

Developers could pay 660 percent more if Fort Worth raises water impact fees

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