Monday, November 28, 2016

Missing Trees in Colleyville

Here’s what is up with that…

Hello all,

The city council held a special meeting this morning concerning the clear cutting destruction of mature trees and under growth of vegetation along the cotton belt trail. Council is sending a request for additional information as to the plans that Dart has for clearing these areas and to stop work until we have all details. According to plans on the TRE web site, only a small area was to be cleared. Now during the holiday weekend, a surprise of additional work was to start today without the City having received a full scope of work intended.

We have instructed the proper people to take action to stop these actions, not only for the trees but for the safety of our citizens using the trail. Council has instructed law enforcement to patrol the area to ensure that work will not happen until we clear this mess up. Ordinances are set in place across the city for tree preservation and tree mitigation for every project including residents. In our opinion the city tree ordinances guide lines are as said and set in place. Just because you own the property in Colleyville does not give you the leverage to destroy trees without mitigation. Those who claim "It's their property and they can do what they want" need to brief themselves with the ordinances to which the city has chosen to unanimously uphold at this time.

Tex rail has made a statement of untruth saying Colleyville has given them the "OK" to proceed with the T project,. This is a false statement. As most know we passed a resolution against the train and it's intent last June. The city has also asked for documentation showing where exactly the city gave the "OK" to proceed, and asked for "face to face meetings" but that information and meetings have been denied. We have been asking for meetings for months and still asking as of today. The city recently received a letter back from TRE saying they had the "OK" and that's all they needed, they also refused to talk to us "face to face". Thus (today) prompting the city to direct our attorney to send another letter asking for such documents and additional meetings.

I would like to clear up a few things.

1) We were accused of having a quick emergency meeting on a Monday morning to disguise our intentions against TexRail.


As explained, the council found out the intentions at the last minute and we took action. The Mayor could have single handedly ordered all that was discussed today without the public, but he chose to have an open meeting. "Yes" the meeting happened on a Monday morning but, this is due to TexRail trying to start work today. We have always been transparent.

That argument is void.

2) A very small amount of people have said we are wasting tax payer money by fighting a fight that we "may" lose. In my opinion (only) if we lay down and let BIG government run over us, we will be nothing more than shown as weak and feeble. There are some who like to lay down at the mere mention of a scuffle, but I for one find it justified in standing up to fight for our great town known for its unique character. This may cost us a very small amount to proceed with letters and injunctions for now, but this will give us time to fact find and justify our motive moving forward. If additional action is required we will have another public meeting. The cost of a few letters from our attorney will pale in comparison to the loss of mature trees.

We are transparent.

I took an oath to support and lead with boldness for the people and our town. I along with many others on the council feel the same in our responsibilities to residents and we will stand firm. We never claimed to stop the train, but we will make sure they adhere to the rules of government engagement. A thought - David took on Goliath with a small stone and a sling shot. We may be working against a "Goliath" but we will use the resources to do what is right for our city. Unless we take a position and stand our ground, how will we know what we may accomplish! Maybe even stop a Goliath.

Bobby Lindamood Jr
City Councilman
Place 2

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