Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When your #1 fan calls you a Boondoggle...

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram calls the Trinity River Vision what it really is.

And Durango fills in the gaps.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Opines Boondoggle's Stalled Bridges Can't Be A Good Thing

The Star-Telegram says the Trinity River Vision may have more than its share of opponents. I don't think opponents is the correct characterization. I think it is more accurate to say that which used to be called the Trinity River Vision has a lot of people who have observed the "vision" and have been appalled by how badly the "vision" has been managed.

Defunct Wakeboard parks, floating beer parties in a polluted river, little progress, a project timeline which constantly shifts, an unqualified son of a local politician made the project's executive director, a public works project drastically changing the town, but the townspeople have never been allowed to vote on the project. And even with no public vote on a public works project, eminent domain being abused to take property, over and over again.

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