Thursday, September 22, 2016

WHAT do they really do??

Many of the County Commissioners have been county commissioners here since some of you were born.  The numbers read like the Tarrant Regional Water Board members history… that should be your first clue that we need new blood.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram food critic wrote another political column, this one about the commissioners and some of their current messes.  Like the tax office (the chief of TAD blames the people “too many protests filed” – you can’t make this up), infant death rates (sad, this isn’t a third world country), 911 text option (it’s been going to happen for years) and refugees ($6 million dollar issue).

Nowhere on there did we see anything discussed about the investigation at the Tarrant County elections office.  That’s strange since Commissioner Whitley really wanted to discuss it Monday night at a meeting in NE Tarrant county.  We had many follow up questions for him, but he left, abruptly.  If you see him out and about please ask him about the investigation.  Him or the food critic.
Inquiring minds want to know.

Time goes by, but not much gets fixed for Tarrant commisioners

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