Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You mean he's not the Boogeyman?!

The former Fort Worth Weekly Editor, Gayle Reaves,  (who holds many other and more prestigious titles and awards) did an excellent piece on the "infamous" Monty Bennett. 

Unlike the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, this story was done AFTER actually speaking to Mr. Bennett.  Journalism. 

What a concept. 

Of course, this story had to be told in Dallas where Fort Worth can't control the narrative. 

Hats off to Monty Bennett, carry on, sir.

“I don’t understand why a corrupt government agency that is trying to put a pipeline of questionable value through my land should be unstoppable,” Bennett says. “Where is that written? I refuse to take it as a given.”

In his research, Bennett found allies in a diverse group of critics of the water district, people with questions about flood control measures, objections to the Trinity River Vision project in Fort Worth, or objections to other land condemnations for the pipeline. The critics all charge the agency with arrogance, a lack of transparency, and cronyism. Their issues have become Bennett’s as well.

Charles Crook has never met Bennett, but he calls him “basically my hero. He’s the one who showed that these guys can be fought.”

A Gentleman Rancher’s Guide to Fighting Tarrant Regional Water District

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