Thursday, August 4, 2016

That ain't all they are going to flood...

The Fox 4 "news" story on Fort Worth's biggest boondoggle is too good to pass up.

Development phase begins for new Fort Worth entertainment district

WHY does a project of this size and length (well over 10 years, with nothing to show) change its name?  When people only associate your name with bad things...

This line is priceless "To create the lake, developers will flood what people now know as the Panther Island Pavilion."

Of course FW council voted unanimously to approve, it's what they do with TRV.

And when they tell you WHO is paying for the Billion Dollar Boondoggle, you do know they mean you, right?? Pay attention, it's costing you a billion not to.

The entire project totals more than $900 million. The cost is split. Half of it will be paid for locally by the city, Tarrant County, the Tarrant Regional Water District and Public Subsidies. The other half will be paid federally by TXDOT and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We preferred Channel 8's take on it.  They showed an old TRV/Panther Island rendering and John McCaa said, "This is what the river could, COULD look like someday in Fort Worth".

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