Friday, August 26, 2016

Attorney General’s Office Investigating Voter Fraud in Tarrant County

It’s about damn time.

Phillips admitted that his office, which is charged with election oversight, had noticed abnormalities related to mail-in ballots but decided not to take action, since no formal complaint had been filed.

Phillips also admitted they were aware of at least one individual who has assisted an untold number of voters in completing ballot by mail applications. The very same process that he previously admitted is the most likely place for voter fraud to occur.

AG Investigating Voting Abnormalities in Tarrant County Elections

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Anonymous said...

Wait, Glenn Whitley is on the election commission and the TRWD payroll? After he spoke to NW Tarrant County Republicans (there's a video) encouraging them to vote for the incumbent TRWD board members, he got a contract with the TRWD. Seems suspicious. But what do I know.