Thursday, December 1, 2016

Duh…Fort Worth edition

Remember, when nothing ever gets done, it just gets worse.  Also called, kicking the can.  The Fort Worth Weekly checked in on the Arlington Heights flooding issues.

Stop us when we get to something you haven’t heard before -

….that “the pipe system that was installed 80-plus years ago is not large enough to keep rain runoff underground” all the way to the Trinity River.

The solution, as everyone is aware, would be to tear up the streets in the flood areas and put in large storm-water drainage pipes that would carry the floodwater to the Trinity. But, as Simmons noted, the cost makes that unfeasible.

“You know,” said one resident who did not want her name used, “the city has funds for their Trinity [River] Vision project, and they have funds for their bridge to nowhere, but they don’t have money for this very important infrastructure issue. I don’t buy that.”

“Essentially,” she said, “the city has allowed over-building on an under-served community.”

“What we really want,” Helmer said, “is to have the city fix the problem upstream. You can’t just allow people to overbuild continually without having a problem in the lower areas.”

Read about how the city doesn’t have the money to fix issues it has helped create in the FWW -

Arlington Heights Flooding too Costly?

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