Monday, February 8, 2016

Tired of paying tolls?

Well, you are invited.

Show up.

Be heard.....

MPOs to hold meetings on transportation plans  

Every city with population of 50,000 or greater has a Metropolitan Planning Organization or MPO. To make things even more confusing in DFW, the MPO is called the Regional Transportation Council or RTC. These MPOs are required to produce your region's transportation plans (basically a project priority list) and to hold public meetings when they undergo a major update to the plans known as the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP - short-range 4 yr plan) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP - long-range 20 yr plan).

While hosting the public meetings is just a way for the agencies to check a box and not really engage the public or incorporate any meaningful public feedback, it's important to get opposition to tolls on the official record. Remember, silence is approval! Opposition on the official record can be very useful in killing toll projects or any other ill-conceived projects or priorities the community opposes (like rail).


Tuesday, Feb. 9 
6:30 pm
Richardson Civic Center
411 W. Arapaho Road      
Richardson, Texas 75080

Wednesday, Feb. 10      
2:30 pm
North Central Texas
Council of Governments
616 Six Flags Drive  
Arlington, Texas 76011

Monday, Feb. 15      
6:30 pm
Mary Lib Saleh
Euless Public Library
201 N. Ector Drive  
Euless, Texas 76039

After the Arlington meeting, a video recording will be online at

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