Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Be heard.....

In response to the federal government's 31 member Science Advisory Board's recommendation of re-opening the investigation/study of water degradation by unconventional hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the EPA is taking TELEPHONE TESTIMONY ON MARCH 7 2016 starting at 11:30 am. This is the 3rd teleconference and the southwest has been under represented thus far.

Once the slots fill up it is too late to voice how drilling has affected YOU. Even if you cannot prove your claims, even if you have been affected in other ways (note drilling's air emissions contribute to acid rain falling into our drinking water aquifers)... .....the slots will be filled up with industry folks defending the unproven safe process if we do not act to sign up asap. They do not want our testimonies heard by the Science Advisory Board.

Do this today although the official deadline is 2/29/2016...please reach out to those who can testify. I will be speaking about the correlation of TTHMs going up in Arlington's drinking water since Urban drilling came in and how Ft Worth's has gone down since drilling in the Barnett shale went bust.

Please email to register a spot at hanlon.edward@epa.gov and follow up with a phone call too at 202-564-2134 (phone/voice mail) to get your confirmation.

This 5 year long study needs those affected's input...just because most of us drink municipal water doesn't mean that the run off from these padsites hasn't affected our region's water. The UTAclear study of recent is very troubling as reported in the Huffington Post last month. The highlights are...
• Migration pathways from fractured wells to groundwater are poorly understood
• Geospatial modeling correlated groundwater chemicals to Barnett fractured wells
• Increased Beryllium strongly associated with hydraulically fractured gas wells
• Indirect evidence of pollutant migration via microannular fissures in well casing
• Large-scale and spatial approach needed to detect groundwater quality changes

Thank you and please forward this on as appropriate.

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