Friday, November 20, 2015

Bring Sandy Back!

An update on the latest in the Fort Worth Animal Services saga...

We were sent the following.  We can't help but wonder, where is Mayor Price??

"Doing the best we can with the resources we have?"  Really? So, this city sees it as ok to have a department run by Good Ol Boys that can practice gender discrimination at the management level on a daily basis and send them packing when they hit a nerve with their smarts, straight talk, caring, concern, ethics and observations?  Like as been allowed with the two female Cruelty Investigators and now the female Superintendent?  

Furthermore, out of all the licensed Veterinarians, they are ok with the Good Ol Boys choosing the one Vet with a criminal history a mile long, one that has more dings than any Veterinarian in Texas on his Vet record and one that has stapled a dog's nipples to her stomach which left the dog unable to walk after surgery?  

Also, we've got how many animal control officers driving around "talking" to people and not doing a darn thing in regards to holding Irresponsible Pet Owners accountable? 

No, we disagree -- We are not doing the best we can in this city regarding anything concerning animals, and that percentage of live releases is a bunch of bull! 

Bring Sandy Back.  Why did you allow the Good ol Boys to send her packing?  If we are doing the best we can, then the sweeping changes need to go much further up in city government than just Code Compliance Department.  

Bring Sandy Back!

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