Friday, October 15, 2010

No Surprise

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorses yet another incumbent.  What do THE PEOPLE say?  Be sure and read their comments. 

If you keep doing things the same way, you keep getting the same stuff.  Isn't that close to the definition of insanity?  Or the Fort Worth Way?  Remember what happens when nothing is just gets worse.

It's also no surprise that the endorsement has raised some questions, such as, didn't Kay Granger say in the same paper this week that spending money to create jobs is something the federal government can't do? 

Also, WHY is it not mentioned in the paper that the Congresswoman's son is the head of the Trinity River Vision project?  WHY do THE PEOPLE have to keep pointing that out?

And WHERE will benefit from this "flood control"?  ASK.

She also takes pride in supporting the Trinity River Vision, one of the largest public works projects in Fort Worth history that will energize the north end of downtown by transforming the river and surrounding acreage.

Although the project has generated opposition because of its enormous cost (almost $1 billion) and its impact on property owners, Granger touts its emphasis on flood control, ecosystem restoration, recreation and economic development, perhaps generating 16,000 jobs.

During the current session of Congress, Granger has cast a lot of "no" votes: against the president's stimulus bill, cap and trade, the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act and Statutory PAYGO, to name a few. While we hope to see more cooperation from both sides of the aisle when the next Congress convenes, Granger insists that she did what she thought was best for the country.

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