Monday, October 25, 2010

Cheers and Jeers

Interesting one of each in Saturday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

First a follow up on the Jeer for the Trinity River Vision Authority tube events.

Cheers: To Al McCluney's Oct. 2 jeer about floating down the Trinity River. He nailed it! Grabbing an inner tube and floating down the Trinity? What's next, asking us to jump off a cliff? No thanks!

-- Rick Pokluda, Fort Worth

We second that!  Don't forget, they'd charge you to jump off the cliff.

And now a Jeer that made us ask, off duty from what?  Being a human?  While we proudly support our local law enforcement, this is a sad example of the reason some do not.

Jeers: To the Arlington police officer who would not hold a door open for me. I served in World War II and the Korean conflict and now use a three-wheel scooter. I asked him why he didn't hold the door and his answer was, "I'm not on duty." He was in uniform.

-- Maurice Mitchell, Arlington

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