Wednesday, October 6, 2010

City holds budget meeting - 60 miles away

Great question in Letters to the Editor from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  We like when THE PEOPLE ask WHY?

Meeting too distant

I'm not sure how many other city councils take their annual budget planning meeting out of the city, but the Euless council does.

For at least the last five years, the meeting has been in Kaufman, nearly 60 miles from City Hall.

This meeting, required by law to be open, is essentially closed because it is so far away.

This is a three-day event, which would make a Euless resident drive nearly 360 miles to observe all or part of each day's activities. This places an extraordinary burden on anyone who wants to attend.

Not only that, this year's facility rental, lodging and meals cost more than $6,000, which is an unnecessary expense. The remodeled Euless City Hall is perfectly suitable to host this meeting.

Is the Euless council moving this meeting out of the city to intentionally limit access?

I ask the residents of Euless to write or call Mayor Mary Lib Saleh to ask why.

-- Darl Easton, Euless

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