Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Speaking of Reverend's

Did you hear what the media has done to Pastor Broden?  Things like this are WHY Star Telegraph came to be.  It doesn't matter what side you are on, left or right -this was wrong.

YOU are invited!  Unless you work for WFAA, we don't think you're on the list.  Well, you are on one, just not this one.


Bienvenidos Restaurant and Cantina
920 North Interstate 35 east
Lancaster, TX
5:00 pm

Friends and supporters of Pastor Stephen Broden are invited to attend a special rally in his support this Saturday at 5:00 pm in Lancaster.

Pastor Stephen Broden has endured an unprecedented and unsubstantiated assault from the mainstream media this past week. Using clever and sophisticated splice and dice techniques, WFAA and "newsman" Brad Watson concocted a video which purported to show Pastor Broden advocating the violent overthrow of the government. The Dallas Morning News played its own role by dropping the story on a Friday morning with a misleading and hysterical headline, letting it fester over the weekend so reliable allies in the left wing like Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper could whip up a media frenzy without Pastor Broden being able to respond.

Those of us who have come to know, respect and love Pastor Broden smelled a rat. There was no way a man of peace and God's word would ever advocate such a thing. With the release of the unedited interview yesterday we found we were right. WFAA edited Pastor Broden's negative responses to violence and left on the cutting room floor his admonitions that change and reform had to come through the ballot box.

Many of you have walked neighborhoods and knocked on doors for Pastor Broden. You have been inspired by his soaring speeches on protecting liberty. You have been reminded of the greatness of our founding principles and the necessity of returning to them. Don't let the left wing smear machine deny Texans the opportunity to be represented in Washington by this great man. The citizens of House District 30 deserve better than the corrupt Eddie Bernice Johnson.

We've called on you many times before and you have always answered. We're asking one more time. In this crucial closing weekend please come to Lancaster and stand with Stephen Broden.

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