Friday, October 29, 2010

Fort Worth Way crosses city line

The White Settlement City Council fiasco sounds like a cross between small town politics and Fort Worth politics.  Notice how the Mayor wants someone from the police to the governor to help, but doesn't want to hold city council meetings with the council members that disagree with him.  WHAT??  Isn't the Mayor's job to represent the residents of the city?  Read it all in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"They've been out to get me ever since they lost their majority," he said.

Powell said she has seen Giddens' documents and has also visited his home. She said she does not understand why Giddens is being mistreated by the mayor, Hatcher and Wilson.

Giddens has also accused Burns of putting the trial ahead of important city business.

"We are all sad about the standoff, but they are crucifying that man," Powell said. "He takes care of his mom, brothers and sisters," she said.

Burns said that until the residency trial is held he doesn't want to have a council meeting with Giddens, Powell and Warner.

"If anyone knows how to resolve this situation from the police to the governor, I'm willing to listen," Burns said.

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