Thursday, October 28, 2010

What does Woodard say?

About the Fort Worth bullying concerning Riverside Park and the Trinity River Vision?

Below is his latest letter in the Fort Worth Business Press.


Now the Fort Worth City Council on a late night vote has unanimously approved the gouging of Riverside Park, another small step in the giant mad, mad, mad Trinity River Vision eminent domain boondoggle. One step by stealthy step. That’s the history of the Billion Dollar earmark. Never a vote by the people. One little piece of the jigsaw puzzle at a time while the people sleep. After every time a new piece is fitted into the picture, they make their case: “Too late to turn back! The ship has sailed.”

In his historic 1951 address to Congress, Gen. Douglas MacArthur told that when he was asked by his soldiers in Korea, “Why surrender military advantage to the enemy in the field?” He replied: “I could not answer.”

When they get three bridges built over a non-existent drainage ditch, I can hear their predictable unarguable gotcha!: “Too late! That ship has sailed!” Then, when I am asked, as I will be, “OK, letter writer, what do you say now, I’ll reply like the General: “I cannot answer.”

Oh for one courageous voice on a council, commission or chamber of commerce that will ask, “Don’t you think we should put this thing up for a vote by the people like we did in 1973 on the Trinity River Canal before it is undeniably too late?”

– Don Woodard

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