Thursday, October 14, 2010


To Fort Worth City Councilman, Joel Burns.

Yes, you read that right, we are applauding a Fort Worth Council member. 

Joel gave a moving speech Tuesday night at council concerning bullying.  It was moving, as it was real.  He is spreading hope to others.  Let's hope some of that rubs off on his fellow council members.  And they get the "bullying" message.  Let's hope the Norman, Oklahoma City Council got the message as well.  Our thoughts are with the families of the kids that Joel Burns speaks of. 

Read the article and watch the video in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Anonymous said...

Weren't those folks on Carter St. ,gay and straight of all colors bullied? Especially that one guy who stood his ground for over two years even when no one from the city/council said a word of encouragement. More power to you, Mr. Burns. But be consistant unless your speech becomes just political theater. God bless your loving adopted, yet real, mom &dad who seem to have made the most important roles in your journey than anything. Even politicians,policies, and passion.

Anonymous said...

Actually, people did speak up in support of Steve D. and his valiant fight for fundamental human and American rights, such right to own and use private property, human dignity--which is contrary to a corporation and city teaming up to force dangerous gas pipelines under the yard where his daughter plays and withing several steps from where his family live and sleep. The S-T refused to report it but I was there on that early cold March morning where people ages 4 to 74, gay and straight, male and female, conservative and liberal, urban and rural, black, white, brown and in-between chose to put aside differences to stand under the American flag and reaffirmed what it stands for. That event and what it represented made me cry then and chokes me up when I think of it.
Steve's fight made me proud, esp. when I noticed that he did not have the support of his council rep or mayor (forget a standing ovation or glowing posts on their Facebook accts.). His state rep. Lon Burnam did send a letter of support, and based on public statements by his state senator Wendy Davis he might have experienced some of the same feelings that Mr. Burns did as a youth being harassed, bullied, and tormented. While Mr. Burns had loving parents who saw him through his darkest hour, it seems that Steve's faith and sense of duty as a family man and responsible citizen (with a few friends) has sustained him through what he has called his ordeal with his "home invasion robbery" by the city and mayor Moncrief's best friend Chesapeake. Since CHK and Moncrief took over the city, the message for the citizens is : THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE AND WORSE.