Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick on the Draw

A couple of days ago, Durango posted an article about a Fort Worth neighborhood being one of the Most Dangerous in America.

This neighborhood is in Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks district.  Kathleen has responded promptly to this.  You can read it all on Durango.

We bet those on Carter Avenue wish she would have responded this quickly and with as much conviction.

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Anonymous said...

Great point about the Carter St. scandal. Even when she had put out a press release last spring taking credit, with profuse thanks to Cheesapeake and city staff (one and the same?/when is Mr.Fissler going to start his new industry job?) and TXDOT,for coming up with the so called alternative route that would use TXDOT's right-of-way north of I-30 she still refused to offer details.