Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tarrant County - YOU are next

The Wise County Messenger and its readers know.  WHY don't YOU?

WHAT will you do when YOU have NO clean water?  Of course the "spokesperson" says there "are no documented cases of groundwater pollution".  THE PEOPLE are tired of hearing this when they know if you don't do testing, you don't have documentation.  Therefore, THE PEOPLE are having their own water tested, it's documented.  Would the Texas Railroad Commission like a copy?  Maybe the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District? 

Remember what happens when "nothing was ever done", it just gets worse.

Read the article here.  YOU can't afford not to.  Be sure and read the comments from THE PEOPLE.

"I've got two so salty you can't drink the water from them," he said. "It wasn't until they drilled a gas well across from my home that they went bad. They also put an injection well about a quarter-mile down the road.

"I've been having to haul in drinking water. That's pretty bad when the well man is buying bottled water."

"That service pipe has to be deep enough or else it's gonna leak up through the strata. I don't know why people can't see that."

The couple decided to get the water analyzed by a private firm.

"I didn't know what it was we were looking for," Brett said. "I just wanted to know why it was burning my eyes before I ever even used soap. I was also concerned about the animals.

"We weren't expecting anything bad. Then we got the test back and were shocked because it had benzene in the water."

The amount of benzene, a carcinogen, was twice the level considered safe by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

"It also isn't supposed to have MTBE in it, but it does," he said.

After finding toxins in their rural water well, they've received little help from state or local agencies. They appealed once to the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (UTGCD), but they said nothing was done.

"We're very concerned with any instance of possible contamination of a water well," said Bob Patterson, general manager of the district. "We're pretty anxious to get some more information on it."

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