Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trinity River Toilet

The Trinity River Vision/Riverside Park Plan draws more attention to the dirty dealings of the Trinity River and the Vision.

Water testing shows high levels of E. coli.  The Tarrant Regional Water District disagrees.  Show of hands on WHO is surprised by either of those statements.

Woody Frossard, the water district's environmental director, said the Friends of Riverside Park tested for fecal coliform bacteria rather than E. coli, which is the state standard. When the fecal coliform bacteria readings are translated into E. coli measurements, they are close to acceptable levels, Frossard said.

"They're right at the level identified by the state," Frossard said. "They're not out of the norm. It may or may not be a reportable event."

This is the same portion of the Trinity river that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported as having the highest levels of PCB's.  And the same portion where the Trinity River Vision Authority is promoting tubing? WHO do YOU believe?

Read the article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  YOU can't afford not to.

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