Friday, October 29, 2010


Two letters to the Editor in today's Star-Telegram that speak volumes.  Read them.  And VOTE.

Vote the incumbents out

The only way to really change our government is to vote all the incumbents out of office. The career politicians are bought and paid for by big business, insurance, drug companies and banks and Wall Street.

They only care about getting re-elected. Our country is in the mess it is in because they want it that way. They don't care about the American people.

Only Congress has the power to change things and unless we get all the existing bums out of power we will never get our country back in the hands of the people.

Give each new elected official one term to change and represent the people or vote them out the next election.

-- Donald "Jack" Cornelissen, Bedford

This could be the most important election of your lifetime. You have the opportunity to replace what I believe is the most corrupt Congress in the history of our country.

Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or whatever; it makes no difference. They passed legislation that now puts us $1.3 trillion in debt.

Our young men are getting killed daily in two wars we cannot win because we have no leadership. Remember, President Obama can do nothing without the OK and funding from Congress. Send all these traitors home! Vote!

-- Philip E. Orr Jr., North Richland Hills

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