Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Fort Worth Way Spreads

To the Tarrant County Culture of Corruption.

Last night the Fort Worth City Council voted unanimously to let the Tarrant Regional Water District do whatever they want.  They must have gotten the memo in the paper this week that said they'd do that regardless.  After all, it's the Fort Worth Way.

Kudos to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for finally mentioning that someone actually owns the land the Tarrant Regional Water District and the Trinity River Vision "Authority" want.  And how many jobs has Randle Harwood had with the city? Was he "acting" when he was part of the city's Trinity River Vision department?  How much does that department cost the taxpayers?

Markus Kypreos said he doesn't believe that the plan will move as smoothly as city officials think, particularly because the city hopes to expand the park on about 20 acres of farmland and build the soccer fields there. The property is not for sale and likely never will be at the $136,900 price that officials estimate, said Kypreos, an attorney for the owners.

If the land is never acquired, the city "would have to find another place in the park system" to build those fields, said Randle Harwood, acting director of planning and development for Fort Worth.

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