Thursday, October 14, 2010

Political Double Talk

Don't miss the article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram concerning the candidates for District 12. 

The Fort Worth Way runs as deep as the Trinity River. Which right now is quite shallow.

We have a few concens with some of the quotes, such as -

Congresswoman Granger saying "the issue is recognizing what the federal government can't do -- like improve healthcare by creating more requirements and higher costs or create jobs by spending money and regulating businesses more."

Isn't creating jobs one of the supposed selling points of the Trinity River Vision?  THE PEOPLE spending a billion dollars to create jobs.   While about 100 businesses had to get out of the way of the Vision.

"We need a predictable business climate, lower taxes, less government and reduced federal spending," said Granger, R-Fort Worth. "That's what I've been fighting for in Congress and what I will continue to fight for when I am re-elected."

Has been fighting for lower taxes? Less government?  Reduced federal spending?  If you live in Tarrant County, Fort Worth, or the Tarrant Regional Water "District" your taxes are going up, thanks to your current and local government.   How much of the Trinity River Vision earmark is federal again?   And don't forget the stimulus money earmarked for "Riverside, TX".  What was the Congresswoman's ranking in Federal spending?  25th?

Smith of Fort Worth said he's running because he supports Democratic initiatives that President Barack Obama has brought forth and opposes pushing through the Trinity Uptown project without voters' approval.

The three are competing for a two-year term that pays $174,000 a year.

What does JD Granger, head of the Trinity River "Authority" make again?  Who pays these salaries? 



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