Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fort Worth Schools not exempt from the Fort Worth Way

Stand up Fort Worth, this is OUR town.  Read about it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Don't miss the comments from THE PEOPLE.

Mr. Vasquez has the right idea.  We should be looking at the "leaders". 

The board voted 6-3 to terminate Palazzolo, with Trustees Carlos Vasquez, Juan Rangel and Ann Sutherland opposing the move. Vasquez blasted Superintendent Melody Johnson for recommending the termination, saying the administration is bullying staffers who bring forward complaints.

"Tonight we should be looking at you and your lack of concern. ... Shame on you," he said to Johnson, noting that no supporting documents justified Palazzolo's firing. "We went on a witch hunt, and now you're going to fire him for it."

Now teachers live in fear of coming forward with concerns, Whitt said.

"We hear loud and clear in this district that if you come forward, if you do the right thing, you will be retaliated against," Whitt said.

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