Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arlington Flooding Victims have something to say

Read it in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Letters to the Editor.

We want our leaders to focus on the residents.

Clear the debris

I read in Friday's paper that Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck said "there is no way we can control flooding on Rush Creek. It's like a bathtub." (See: "Arlington may use bonds to buy up flooded homes")

Really, mayor? Our home, which was built in the '70s and had never before flooded, flooded Sept. 8. I'm not an engineer, but if my bathtub were full of debris and the water had nowhere to go because the area surrounding it was also full of debris, I would realize I let it get into that condition and do the responsible thing -- clean up the debris!

Arlington's priority has been the Cowboys Stadium area in order to give a picture of a progressive city to the rest of the country. We want our leaders to focus on the residents.

I challenge the city leaders to take a walk on the trail that parallels Rush Creek. They would understand the homeowners' frustration over a situation that indeed is fixable.

Our home is in an area that never should have flooded. We want to stay! Is your home next?

-- Janice Elaine Graber, Arlington

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