Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tarrant Regional Water District Corruptees Give Themselves a Raise

Did you get a raise this year?  Did your water bill increase?  Are your city taxes increasing?

Then WHY would OUR money go to giving those making $286,000 a raise?  And WHY would we loan $226 million of OUR money to the Trinity River Vision?  Interest free, no less. 

ASK YOUR City Council, Mayor, and Congresswoman. ASK the media.

Read about the latest developments at the Tarrant Regional Water District in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Be sure and read Adrian Murray's comments.  Excellent points.

The general fund budget is used to operate and maintain the district, which spans 11 counties from Jack to Freestone. It rose nearly $4.3 million from fiscal 2010, largely due to a $4.6 million increase in capital expenses for trailheads and parks.

Among the projects are $2.5 million for a LaGrave Field environmental study. In June, the water district paid $17.5 million for 42 acres around the field for the Trinity River Vision project, but much of the property must be cleaned up before it can be used.

In a separate action Tuesday, the board approved a $287,093 contract with Camp Dresser and McKee to start designing a remediation program for the site.

What's more important to you? Trailheads, parks and river floats or clean, affordable water and no flooding? What is the Water Districts purpose?

The water district is also projecting $30 million in oil and gas royalties in the upcoming fiscal year, down $5 million from the amount budgeted in 2010.

$30 million for gas drilling...royalties or water purchase? Ask WHO monitors their usage.

The budget does not include any funding for the Trinity River Vision project, which is a political subdivision of the water district. Tarrant Regional's $64 million contribution will be met with funds from the 2010 budget, Swinnea said.

However, the water district agreed in May to a no-interest loan to the Trinity River Vision Authority of up to $226 million until the tax increment financing district starts generating revenue. Swinnea said it is too early to say how much will be loaned in the upcoming fiscal year but doesn't expect it to exceed $40 million.

The Tarrant Regional Water District needs to refocus their water and flooding, where it should be in the first place.

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