Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Letters from Fort Worth

THE PEOPLE, not the "leaders".

WHO serves WHO?

Read them in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Great questions.  Now if only someone would answer them.

Using natural gas money

Gasp! Fort Worth may have to close three under-performing city golf courses. (See: "City golf courses are in the rough," Friday) But one of our council members has a solution: Use some gas money to keep them open! They have already used it to pay off debt, so why not for course operations?

My only question is, if it's OK to expend gas money for golf courses, why isn't it OK to use it for the operation and upkeep of three under-performing libraries?

James G. Franklin, Fort Worth

The Tea Party message

The messages at the 9-12 Tea Party Convention Saturday were inspiring and motivating, but I saw nothing about the meeting on local TV news. Why? There were nationally known speakers such as Ann Coulter and Brigitte Gabriel, as well as local talk show hosts and candidates who all spoke with passion and dedication.

The organizer, Adrian Murray, was one of the most dynamic speakers of the day and made it clear that America has been the beacon of hope to all those who were lucky enough to have been born here and to those who chose to come here as legal residents.

We cannot now lose that hope as we see the policies being implemented by this administration that are leading us down the road to serfdom and destruction. We must be vigilant to what is going on in Congress and make our voices heard or we will never regain the system that made this country a "shining city on a hill."

- Clista Hancock, Arlington

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