Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Moncrief Reviews

What do THE PEOPLE think of the way Mayor Moncrief treats those addressing the council?  Read another letter in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to find out.

By the way, THE PEOPLE still want an answer to the question.

The bottom line

In regard to Shirley Heller's Monday letter concerning a City Council meeting and Mayor Mike Moncrief not acting like a mayor but more like a pouting spoiled child, it has seemed to me for some time that Moncrief feels he is crowned royalty rather than just the working mayor of a large city. Maybe this is because he was the recipient of inherited wealth, unearned money he did not have to work hard for, as we mortals do.

In a democratic society, every man is equal, and resident Don Woodard should have been treated with the same dignity and respect as any resident standing before the council.

Woodard also deserved an answer to his question: "How much will the Trinity River Vision Project cost us, the taxpayers of Fort Worth?" I would like an answer to that question too, and I have wanted it for some time.

As Heller said, shame on you, Mike Moncrief.

-- Barbara Bledsoe, Fort Worth

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