Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trinity River Banks

The Trinity River Vision Authority, a political subdivision or semi-governmental group (WHAT is it again?) of the Trinity River Vision keeps inviting YOU down to float in the Trinity River or Tube the Trinity for their Happy Hour float.  They have said the Tarrant Regional Water District, you know, that group that gave themselves a raise last week, has done a good job of keeping the Trinity clear and free from pollutants.  Then why is the Trinity in the top third of the list for contaminated water ways?

Local news media has told a few of Lone Star's friends that the Trinity River Vision and the floating isn't really news. 

When people are being put at risk,  just as they are with the Trinity River Vision, WE think that's news.  What do YOU think?

Watch the best video we've seen on the Trinity River.  You tell us WHO's Vision is blurry?
WHO got the video?  Durango, of course.

Stay tuned.

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