Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trinity River takes to the Airwaves

We received an email this morning about a local radio station doing an interview with the TRVA on floating the Trinity River.  Shortly after we received the email, we started receiving calls.

Thanks for taking notes and sharing!  You can't make this stuff up.

Lone Star - Think her name was Shelby Lyon with the Trinity River Vision Authority.  They announced it as Trinity River Authority, humorously corrected later in the interview.  It was on 96.3 KSCS.  Here are the notes we took...

DJ - Did you float the last one?

Her - Yes!

DJ - Have you developed any rashes?

Her - No! Have you lost your mind? It's absolutely safe. People kayak it every day.

DJ - Kayak big difference from tube.

Her - Well, people fall out of kayaks.  (Then she talks about FW ski club using the river.)

Her - 1st float 40-50 people, this one already ran out of tubes for 200. Bring your own tube.

DJ - So TRA is a government organization?

Her - Semi governmental. TRVA.

DJ - So you're more of a group...

Her to him about the river "being dirty" - Those are old stories of the Trinity, the river has come a long way in last 20 years and Tarrant Regional Water District does a good job of keeping it clear and free from pollutants.

We have some concerns with some of the statements in this interview.  First, that this is "absolutely safe".   If you read all the comments from CITIZENS about the last Trinity River tube event, concerning snakes and hypodermic needles in the river, well that doesn't sound safe...or smart.  Also, just last month a child died in Texas from contracting a parasitic amoeba in a body of water.  Several children have recently died from this as well, you can read about it here.  So, will the TRVA be responsible if something happens to one of their floaters since they have assured the public it is absolutely safe?

If the Tarrant Regional Water District does a good job of keeping the river "free from pollutants", why does the portion of the Trinity River in Tarrant County have the highest levels of PCB's?

And how are you a semi-governmental group?  Anyone ever ask WHY the Trinity River Vision Authority was created or needed?  Remember why the Trinity River Authority was created?

As we have asked before, WHO profits?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't float in the Trinity using someone else's body!

Anonymous said...

It’s clean! I saw a washing machine sticking up out of the Trinity the other day… Probably still had detergent in it!

Durango said...

If it is so safe, why are you advised not to eat fish you catch in it?