Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Deep

And this time we aren't referring to the river.

If you went to see Gasland in Pennsylvania, you may have ended up on "the list".  The Homeland Security list, that is.  So now going to see a documentary makes you a threat?  To WHO?

Read the unbelievable on TXSharon.  Be sure to check out the links.

Then read about the federal lawsuit being planned by one of the movie goers on DailyMe.  Bet it won't be long before there are more.  Lots more. 

"When people's civil rights are trampled it's a federal issue," said Gene Stilp of Harrisburg, who holds a Virginia law license but does not practice as an attorney.

Gov. Ed Rendell , speaking Downtown this morning, said he does not believe activists' Constitutional rights were violated.

The statement was a reversal from what he said yesterday. Asked in Harrisburg on Tuesday whether monitoring activists was "tantamount to trampling" on their Constitutional rights, he said: "I would say so."

Rendell said he is "deeply embarrassed" by the disclosure that state Homeland Security officials included information about protesters on what was supposed to be a list of possible terrorist threats.

The list, which included information on public hearings that opponents of Marcellus gas drilling might attend, was sent to drilling companies.

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